Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th May

Wednesday.  A 20 kt WSW’ly meant a winching day with a combination of hill lift and wave, which, with the moist airstream, meant very mobile slots and holes in the cloud sheet which appeared and disappeared rapidly.  6 launches were done in the club K21s and DG1000 with all flights greater than 30 minutes and 2 in excess of an hour, with pilots reporting interesting conditions.  Andy Parish / Mr Huggins reached 5000′ asl in the DG1000 in  their flght of 2.2 hrs and there was a single Trial Lesson pupil. 

Thursday.  The passage of a cold front overnight left the site in a 25 kt WSW’ly that slowly backed into the SSW and, during the morning, was accompanied by gust of around 30kts.  Winching was again the order of the day, with 23 launches undertaken, 6 by private owners and the rest by all the 4 club 2 seaters and the club DG303.  There were 2 Trial Lesson Pupils.  Wave was evident from the satpics at briefing and most pilots contacted off the hill using strong wave affected thermal to get suficient height to transfer into the wave.  Once in the wave initial climb rates were of the order of 10 kts.  Lindsay McLane in his Ventus, John Hart in his Vega and Bill Payton/Stewart Heaton in their DG1000t all crossed the Pennines with Lindsay and John reaching Ullswater.  George Rowden stayed this side of the Pennines but found good lift over Leeming to reach just over 17,000′ asl, courtesy of a newly installed oxygen system.  Mike Wood, flying the club K21 solo, visited York and gained to 14,000′ making a very rapid return from just north of York back to circuit height at  Sutton in around 3 minutes.   David Hill/Bob Bailey climbed to 8000′ in the club K21 and visited Yarm having a friendly chat with the ATC at Durham Tees Valley airport.  All in all a cracking day, so much so that Albert Newbery/Phil Lazenby took a launch  in their DG1000t  at around 1800 hrs following its return to site by their other syndicate partners, Bill and Stewart.

                                                Teesside from 17000'

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