Wednesday 5th to Thursday 6th May

Wednesday 5th.  The bright start to the day was very soon a memory as a cloudy airstream from the NNW spread in giving overcast skies, that fortunately had a cloud base just high enough to allow flying.  Subsequently, 14 ATs and 3 Falke flights took off from runway 24, while the very light wind allowed landings on virtually all the available runways.  There were no private owner flights in the predominately non soarable conditions, but Ian Willows and course member Kevin Toner had 38 minutes early on in the DG1000 and Rob Bailey, taking his customary last flight of the day, had 31 minutes in the Discus.  Flying was briefly suspended during the day as visibility, never very good, temporarily worsened, but Duncan Pask, flying the Ka8 had 2 twenty minute flights either side of the interruption.  A single Trial Lesson pupil was flown and on one of the Falke flights, David Scott, a glider pilot from Currock Hill, carried out field landings as part of his Bronze badge.

Thursday 6th.  Early morning rain ceased around 10 am but left overcast skies, this time with a low cloud base, and a light but steadily increasing NE’ly that slowly went into the N as the day progressed.   A clearance to sunny skies could be seen over the coast to the east by early afternoon,  but never reached the site. The associated brighter conditions and increased cloud base after lunch, however, did allow the course members to continue their flying training using the simulator and the Falke.  However,  before activities commenced the  opportunity was taken to photograph the course members with their instructors, Andy Parish and Ian Willow and Tuggie Ian Plant, the result being seen below.




Some late congratulations are due to Andy Hatfield and Peter Goodchild who successfully negotiated the written paper part of the Bronze badge within the last week or two.  Well done to them.