Wednesday 18th to Monday 23rd July

Wednesday 18th.  A fresh SW’lythat quickly veered into the W with gusts to 30 kts provided a hill soaring day for club  and course members.  The start of flying was delayed by showers but flying started just after 1100 hrs with 22 launches following.  Three of the club 2 seaters were flown and 2 of the single seaters while Richie Toon took two launches in his LS7.  7 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour with most pilots  having between 30 and 50 minutes in the air, the notable exception being Chris Gill who had by far the shortest flight, 1 minute, as Andy Parish tested his winch failure recovery skills.  John Carter/L Gallagher had 1:05 in K21 KLW just beating the John Carter/J Gallagher combination in the  same glider who had 1:04.  Rob Bailey had 3:04 in the Discus and Chris Gill made up for his 1minute 2 seater  flight with 1:07, also in the Discus.  Course instructors, John Carter and John Marsh so enjoyed the conditions that they shared a flight of 20 minutes late in the day.

Thursday 19th.  A moderate NW’ly that slowly veered into the NNE over the  course of the day brought in generally cloudy skies and an absence of virtually any lift.  25 ATs were flown, predominately in three of the club two seaters, although Rob Bailey had a flight in the Discus, the only one of two solo flights in the  day, the other being Andy Parish who had a flight in the DG500..  Flying continued until just before 1800 hrs and the club welcomed back a previous holiday course member, John Kliszat, who has purchased a Learn to Fly package.  Ian Plant and Malcolm X (not the Malcolm X, as a surname was not entered in the log) had the longest flight of the day, 51 minutes in K21 JVZ, while John Carter/L Gallagher had 37 minutes.  The day’s flying included 3 flights in the Falke.

Friday 20th.  A light and variable wind blew all day and 24 ATs were flown in total, 17 during the day and a further 7 in the evening for a group of visiting Scouts.    3 of the day’s flights were for Trial Lesson pupils while, Mike Rolph, a returning course member added to his solo flight time.  Soaring conditions were at a premium with only 3 flights over 30 minutes, John Marsh/L Gallagher in K21 JVZ and Andy Parish/C Callagher in the DG5oo both managing 36 minutes aloft.  Only 2 solo flights were flown, Mike Rolph’s as noted above and Mike Wood, who, flying  the T21 solo, had 28 minutes. 

Saturday 21st.  A light S’ly that strenthened to moderate as it veered into the WSW brought a good thermal soaring day .  55 ATs were flown with most of the club fleet and 28 private owners launching to take advantage of the good conditions.  Flying started just after 1000 hrs and continued until just before 1800 hrs, with a Learn to Fly package  and 5 Trial Lesson pupils choosing a very good day to fly.  Derek Smith posted the longest flight of  the day 364.2 km @ 66.2 kph (all speeds handicapped) in his Ventus 2ct, while Derek Taylor in his ASW 22BL and Andy Wright in his Nimbus 3t both flew 305 kms, Derek an O/R to Grantham and Andy an O/R to Belvoir Castle.   All the above pilots reported mediocre conditions east of Doncaster but very good conditions further north with Derek Taylor adding an O/R to Scarborough, 107.6 km @ 75.9 kph after completing his main task.  Phil Lazenby completed an 155.3 km task @ 62.5 kph while Rory O’Conor, after visiting  the other side of the Pennines in his DG800, decided to fly the Sut/Pocklington/Rufforth/Sut 100 km triangle on his return to Sutton, which he did @ 89.2 kph.   Axel Mahnke’s 5:56 in his ASW 20  was the longest flight of a day when 35 of the 55 flights exceeded an hour. Albert Newbery/Bill Payton had 4:21 in their DG1000t, while Steve Ball took Club Chairman Graham Evison for 2:45 in Steve’s Duo Discus xt.    Among the club fleet, Andy Parish and D Clare had 1:29 in the DG500 while R Walton had 2:04 in Astir EBM. To add to the flying there was a single Falke sortie and given the busyness of the day, congratualtions are due to Duncan Pask and Pauline Luty for launch point organisation and log keeping.  The day provided a good YGC welcome to 3 visiting pilots from Lasham who managed 5:25 off 2 flights in their DG1000T. 

Sunday 22nd.  The wind had settled into the SW and although initially light, strenthened to moderate as the day progressed.  35 ATs were flown on a day when wave flying was the norm, with flying continuing until just before 2000 hrs.  Club flying utilised the three available 2 seaters with  only the Discus utilised but the conditions tempted 15 private owners into the air.  Many pilots climbed to at least 6.000′ asl withwave conditions improving as the day progressed with early flights,  such as Rob Bailey’s midday launch in his ASG 29, resulting in  climbs to around 8,000′ asl.  Fred Brown got to 9,000′ in his Cirrus, Lasham visitors Baites and Vaughan in their DG1000T climbed to 10,000′  while Axel Mahnke in his ASW 20 peaked at 11,000′ and Bob  Calvert in his Discus topped out at 12,000′.  The 2 seaters were not to be left out with Bob  Beck/ Mat Walton climbing to 6,000′ in the DG500.  The highest climbs required some patience with Axel Manhke having 5:13 aloft and Bob Calvert 7:06.  Ron Beezer, flying the club Discus had 2:29 while Martyn Johnson/ Joan Wilson had 2:01 off the last flight of the day.  A Learn to Fly package and 6 Trial Lesson Pupils certainly choose a good day to experience gliding and the day’s flying activities were rounded off by 2 flights in the Falke.  The day’s 35 ATs resulted in 17 flights which exceeded an hour.

Monday 23rd.  The SW’ly wind had moderated a little but the wave was very much in evidence first thing and Andy Wright, David Latimer and Richie Toon all took advantage to post some wave cross countries.  Andy Wright flew a 350 km task @ 56.7 kph in his Nimbus 3t in the lee of the Pennines, having to abandon his declared task due to extensive cloud cover to the north and  David Latimer flew a 225 km task @ 112.5 kph in his Ventus 2ct also along the lee of the Pennines.  Richie Toon crossed the Pennines to Ullswater and returned, covering 227 km @67.1 kph.  Both Andy and David climbed to over 19,000′ asl, being 2 of the 4 YGC pilots to exceed that height on the day.  Rob Bailey flying his ASG 29 was one of the  four to climb above 19,000′  and in doing so achieved his Diamond Height gain, so congratulations Rob.  The other pilot, who shall be nameless, confused QNH with QFE with the result that he robbed himself of a Diamond height gain, so condolences to him.   Contacting the wave was relatively easy before midday, but thereafter, thermal activity led to broken wave at low levels, the extensive Cu having a 2,500′ QFE base.  Consequently, those pilots taking off after midday spent their time local soaring without contacting the wave but were compensated by some strong lift, George Rowden having a 7 kt average climb at one point in his LS8t.   By late afternoon, as the thermals died, the wave re-established itself at low levels and by around 1700 hrs could be readily contacted, as Ian Plant and George Rowden found out when they took the last of a group of 20 Scouts for a flight.  Ian Plant, flying his Scouter in  K21 KLW climbed to 7,000′ asl before breaking off the climb and returning to site at a 100 kts.  George Rowden, after spending 3 hors aloft in his LSt during the afternoon  failing to contact the wave, flew his Scouter to 6000′ asl and back to site in 25 minutes in the DG500.  The day produced 37 ATs, 11 of which generated flights of over an hour.    David Latimer,s flight of 6:46 was the longest of the day, with Duncan Pask having 3:04 in the Discus and Ian Plant/Peter Wright, 52 minutes in K21 KLW.  Thanks are due to Albert Newbery for a long day’s tugging, while Mike Smith and Jack Macgregor did the dint of instructing with the Scouts.  Thanks are also due to Pauline Luty and Joan Wilson for organising the launch point and log on another busy day at Sutton Bank.