Wednesday 17th to Thursday 18th June.

Wednesday.  A frontal system that took all day to cross the site brought low cloud, 7 mm of rain and no flying. The  clearance arrived  late in the day and, while too late to affect  flying, at least brought the prospect of a hill soaring day on Thursday. 

Thursday.  Thursday duly opened with a moderate WSW and a cloud base that eventually rose to around 3000′ asl. 21 winch launches resulted, 3 by private owners and the rest by all 4 of the club’s 2 seaters and the Discus and Astir.  With the hill working well, 16 of the 21 flights exceeded an hour with John Carter having 3.1 hrs in the Discus and Paul Whitehead/Mr Martin having 1.75 hrs in the club’s K21.  4 Trial Lesson Pupils chose a good day for their introduction to gliding.  Although wave was evident it was exceedingly difficult to contact .  Only one flight made the transition from hill lift to wave, Father and Son Albert and Martin Newbery flying their DG1000t, but even here the transition required a little assistance from their engine. They eventually climbed to around 16,000′ asl in wave  in a flight of 5.2 hrs. 

Friday.  A brief visit to site  showed the wind straight from the W and several gliders soaring in the consistent hill lift enhanced by the strong thermals of the day.  However,  a more detailed review of the day’s flying will have to wait.

While  I was  on site Nick Gaunt asked if I had had a hand in moving his trailer, to which I replied in the negative.  Nick is somewhat perplexed as to why his trailer was moved, so if you were involved or know  somebody who was involved , please contact Nick who is anxious to have the situation explained to him.

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