Wednesday 15th to Thursday 16th July

Wednesday.  A wet SE’ly airstream and low cloud greeted those who had ventured up to the club first thing. The wind veered into the W around lunchtime, but conditions suitable for flying did not arrive until much later in the day, so that there was no flying and the evening visit was cancelled.   There was however a flying visit late in the day when Jack Stephen flew up from the Club Class Nationals at Pocklington in his DG 400 to return the Northern’s Trophy he won last year.  He then proceeded to take off and soar the main bowl for a while before disappearing back to Pocklington.  

Thursday.  A light and pleasant SSW’ly saw significant vertical cumulus development by around 1030 hrs under some extensive patches of Cirrocumulus.  Cloudbase was initially under 2000′ QFE and locally, soaring conditions were tricky.  In all 25 AT’s were flown off runway 24, with landings on 20, and 6 private owners took to the air with variable results.    Club members and 6 Trial Lesson pupils made use of the K21’s, DG1000, Astir and Discus.  5 of the day’s launches resulted in flights of over an  hour, with Peter Clay in his Ventus and George Rowden in his LS8 each spending some 4 hrs aloft, Peter visiting Scunthorpe and Kirton in Lindsey and George, Pickering, Humber Bridge and Harrogate North, both pilots finding good climbs and 5k cloud bases further south.  John Hart brushed up his cloud flying skills with a climb to 10,000′ before  visiting Masham and places west.   Conditions were never as good local to Sutton, but A Hatfield had 51 minutes in the Astir and David Hodgson and Geoff Cardwell 58 minutes in the K21.   Sutton was also a turning point on  the 5th contest day of the Club Class Nationals at Pocklington, many of whose pilots, like John Hart, took  advantage of  high cloud climbs.  A series of big showers developed to the  N/NE of Sutton by late afternoon and rain approached from the SW during the early evening, so having left the site around 5-30 pm I’m unsure whether the evening visitors managed to have their flights.

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