Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th.

Tuesday.  The 8-15 kt Northerly airstream brought a succession of light showers to the site all day, although to the north and south it remained dry but cloudy .  Consequently, no flying was possible but the 4 course members continued their instruction on the simulator.

Wednesday.  The unstable airstream continued to come in from tbe  NE but with a lot of medium level cloud, shower development was hindered and a full days flying was possible off runway 02 with some landings on 06.  All the club 2 seaters were utilised with the exception of the DG500 and 21 ATs were flown, flight times being typically 15 to 20 minutes.   There was however, some thermal activity enabling Ian Plant/R Black to have a 36 minute flight in the K21, the longest of the day.  Following the cessation of the days flying, the weather took a turn for the worse with the result that an  evening visit by a group from Guisborough 41 club only managed 1 flight before rain and low cloud arrived.  Retiring to the club house, the group enjoyed Brian’s Lasagna, with some of the visitors having and enjoying their first  experience of gliding on the simulator.

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