Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th September

Tuesday 9th.  Tuesday commenced with a low overcast that soon burned off, allowing flying to start just after 1100 hrs.  The course members were soon brushing up  their flying skills and were joined by a number of club members and 3 First Flight pupils as 75% and of the club’s 2 seater fleet, 40 % of the club’s single seater fleet and 100% of the motor glider fleet were employed, the latter for 2 flights.  The launch total for the day was 17, all ATs off runway 20 into a light SSE’ly that slowly veered in to the SW as the day progressed.  Steve Thompson, the only private owner to launch, had the longest flight of the day,  2:51 in his Discus, the other two > 1 hr pilots being Nigel Gregson with 1:59 in Astir KRN and Frank Wilson with 1:26 in the DG303 as convection got going by early afternoon.  None of  the two seater flights exceeded an hour, but John Carter and course member Diane Kermode came closest with 53 minutes in K21 JVZ.

Wednesday 10th.  The anticyclone responsible for the fine, dry weather and light winds continued to build, the result being a somewhat misty early morning in the Vale of York and a repeat low overcast that delayed the start of flying until around 1130 hrs.  Thereafter, 18 ATs were flown off runway 20 as the light E’ly slowly strengthened to become light to moderate by the end of the flying day.  Convection again got going by early afternoon with cloud base rising to around 3,500′ asl, but some spreadout developed and while the vertical visibility was OK horizontal visibility was poor with no discernable horizon.  John Carter and Diane Kermode had an interesting first flight of their particular day in K21 JVZ when the tow rope from the Eurofox pulled out of the bullet at the glider end while on  tow.  Fortunately, their height and position was such as to allow a return to the airfield.  No private owners flew so the 2 flights exceeding an hour were logged by club gliders, Frank Wilson having 1:46 in the DG303 and Nick Covill having 1:26 in Astir KRN.  Bill Payton posted the longest 2 seater flight as he took a guest for 48 minutes in K21 KLW while John Carter and course member Paul Clark had 42 minutes in K21 JVZ.  The day saw 4 First Flight pupils flown with one of these flights providing the unusual spectacle of the normally tail heavy DG1000 coming to rest with  the underside of its nose in contact with the grass, thankfully without any damage,  much to the surprise of P1 George Rowden.  Flying operations ceased just after 1700 hrs with the last few landings on runway 06 due to the strengthened E’ly flow.  Thereafter the skies were graced with a De Havilland Beaver and a Spitfire as Nigel Gregson flew a couple of  his electrically powered models over runway 20 in the turbulent air down wind of the hangars and club house.