Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th October

Tuesday 25th.  A passing cold front meant cloudy skies and a cloudbase that delayed flying until early afternoon.  Thereafter, 12 ATs were flown in a moderate S’ly utilising 2 of the club’s 2 seaters, 7 of these being for the members of the week’s aerobatic course under the tutelage of Paul Conran.  Flight times for the aerobats was typically 15 minutes in spite of their 4000′ QFE release height and with no lift to speak of nobody managed over 30 minutes never mind an hour.  Stuart Heaton did, however, make 3 valiant efforts with the 3 trial lesson pupils of the day, giving Louise Walsh and J Howes, 28 minutes each in the  DG1000 and B Baker 27 minutes in the same glider.    Mike Corcoran had 19 minutes solo in the K21  which was good going for an aerobatic session.

Wednesday 26th.  A light SE’ly blew all day, the morning being sunny with some cloud development in the afternoon.  16 ATs were flown, 8 by the aerobatic pupils and 5 by Trial Lesson pupils.  All four club 2 seaters were flown with Mike Corcoran providing the only private owner launch of the day in his Pilatus B4.  Lift was again hard to come by and Trial Lesson pupil David Price put up the longest flight of the day, aided and abetted by Bob Beck in the DG500, with a flight of 28 minutes.  Mike Corcoran’s flight of 15 aerobatic minutes in his Pilatus B4 was jointly with Chris Bowden’s similar flight solo in the K21, the longest solo flight of the day.

Thursday 27th.  A northward travelling depression meant a wet and cloudy morning, with the rain stopping by lunch time.  Brighter skies meant the first launch of the day by aerobats Chris Bowden and Paul Conran in the K21 was at 1445 hrs, but with a limited cloudbase, this was one of only 2 flights of the day, the other flight being in the Rotax Falke.

Friday 28th.  A transient ridge of high pressure brought sunny skies, excellent visibility (the glint off the Humber estuary being readily visible)  and a light S’ly that slowly strengthened as the day progressed.  Unfortunately, the forecast wave failed to materialise and while Cu blossomed fairly briefly in the early afternoon, the accompanying thermals were very weak. Consequently, only 1 flight of the 29 ATs flown resulted in a duration of 30 minutes, this being by Duncan Pask in the Ka8, the result of some areas of zero along the southern ridge.  3 of the club’s 2 seaters were busy with the aerobatic course and 7 Trial lessons, with George Rowden giving one of the Trial Lesson pupils 27 minutes in the K21, the result of a very weak thermal and bits and pieces of lift along the more southerly facing edge of the main bowl. Mike Corcoran again was the only private owner to launch, having 28 minutes in his PilatusB4, while amid all this gliding activity  the Rotax Falke had a single flight and a Europa from Bagby visited to allow the pilote to  sample caterer Brian’s fare and pick up a passenger.

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