Tuesday 24th July

Tuesday 24th.  A light to moderate SSW’ly slowly veered into the WNW over the day, the early morning blue skies quickly clouding over as a decaying front moved south.  Overcast skies then became the norm although blue skies and lenticulars could be seen all day over the Yorkshire Dales.  In spite of the overcast skies there were some weak thermals to be had and some weak hill lift although this was only successfully exploited by the Ka8.  16 ATs were flown off runway 24 with most pilots choosing to land on 20.  Both K21s and the Ka8 were flown from the club fleet and there were 3 private owner launches while 5 Trial Lesson pupils were flown.  Albert Newbery/Stewart Heaton went wave hunting in their DG1000t, but failed to find any, the weakness of the thermal activity meaning a couple of engine burns were necessary to regain the site after just over 2 hours aloft.  Messrs Vaughan and Johnson, visitors from Lasham, also had to use the engine of their DG1000T to remain airborne after a very low pass along the hill.  David Lynch and Peter Cranley had an hour and 1:31 respectively in the Ka8 on a day in which its ability to use weak lift was clearly demonstrated, while Andy Parish with Trial lesson pupil Mary Grayson put up the longest club 2 seater flight with 38 minutes in K21 KLW.  An aspiring Mile High pupil waited patiently but ultimately unsuccessfully for the cloud to disperse to allow his flight to take place, his departure from site late afternoon being inevitably followed by the sky clearing around 1700 hrs.  Congratulations are in order for Peter Wright who re-soloed after a layoff and finished off the day with 2 solo flights in the K21.   Meanwhile work to repair the Office roof began with Josephine setting up shop in the foyer to the clubhouse and very happy she looked in  her new surrondings.p724035820120724_01


Removal of rotten timbers and replacement by a RSJ took place during the day, some addtional steelwork support work being undertaken by Fred Brown, and very professional he looked too.