Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th May

Tuesday 22nd.  With high pressure becoming established, it was more of a day for sunbathing rather than gliding as the temperature peaked in the high teens.  However,  the visiting pilots from the Stratford and Shalbourne GCs together with YGC members kept the flight line busy from 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs and 48 ATs were flown off 02 into a moderate N’ly.   2 Trial Lesson pupils and 5 members of the Durham University GC also contributed to the day’s activities and while most pilots had to be content with a tow and a subsequent descent, there was a short period of soaring in the afternoon which saw visitors Morgan and Pike have 1:34 in the Janus and home grown member Duncan Pask have 1:15 in the Ka8, the only  pilots to exceed an hour.  Resh Khodabocus, determined to get flying time in the Astir, took a tow to 5000′ QFE and was rewarded with 38  minutes in the air while Sharon Kerby had 40 minutes in her ASW 24 of a lower tow.  The Falke was also kept busy with 4 flights.

Wednesday 23rd.  The high pressure had intensified slightly, but the day became soarable from just after midday to around 1600 hrs, resulting in 18 of the day’s 40 ATs generating flights in excess of an  hour.  Cloud base rose to around 3000′ asl but thermal strengths were moderate with the result that a missed climb usually meant a return to site for a landing.  7 Trial Lesson pupils were flown, with 16 private owners launching and 3 of the club’s two seaters and 3 of the single seaters being utilised.  Club 2 seater and single seater utilisation would  have increased by 1 in each case, but the warm conditions meant that neither the canopy on the DG500 or the DG303 could be locked shut.   Visitor Monslow had the longest flight of the day, 2:23 in his ASW 20 while Messrs Harris and Prentice had 1:22 in the Pucatz.  Among YGC pilots, Duncan Pask had 1:25 in the Ka8 and John Marsh and Durham University member A Llewellyn had 1:00 in the K21 and there was a single Falke flight. 

Thursday 24th.  Another day of warm sunshine saw the soaring period extend from 1100 hrs to 1700 hrs, the still intensifying high pressure resulting in lighter winds and poorer visibiity, although thermal strengths improved compared to Wednesday.  Operations commenced off runway 24 with landings on 20, the day’s total of 45 ATs comprising 21 by private owners, with utilisation of the YGC fleet including 3 of the 2 seaters and 2 of the single seaters.  In addition there was a single Falke flight.  Visitor Martyn Davies had 2:27 in his LS8, the longest flight of the day, while John Marsh/M Kayser had 1:15 in the DG1000, 2 of the day’s 14 flights to exceed an hour.  Visitor Martin Clarke converted to the Astir and really got the hang of it on his 2nd flight when he soared for 1:04 while visitor J Walters had 1:14 in the club Discus.  Brian Wise and Tony Waddoup took advantage of the pleasant conditions to fly the T21, the second of their flights lasting for 55 minutes and 5 Trial Lesson pupils were also flown.  In the evening, a group of  9 friends and associates of Gordon Wallace enjoyed a flight and a steak supper, the latter provided by caterer Brian.  A change in wind direction into the NNE as flying recommenced,  meant that  take offs were from 02 and landings were on either 02 or 06.

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