Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd July.

Tuesday 2oth.  A light to moderate and predominately cloudy SSE’ly airstream followed 11 mm of overnight rain and delayed flying until mid afternoon.    Thereafter, course members Terry and David had 2 flights each in the K21 with John Marsh, John and David managing to get 21 minutes to clock up the longest flight of the day.

Wednesday 21st.   A day of sunny intervals in a light to moderate WSW’ly saw some good thermic development post lunch.  Flying commenced with winching off runway 24 with 13 launches including 3 by private owners.  A switch to ATing around lunch time resulted in a further 14 launches giving a total day’s launch of 27, with all the club fleet with the exception of the Ka8 flown.     6 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour, with Martyn Johnson in his DG600 having 4:45 off his morning winch launch, and Mr Taverner having 1:24 solo in the K21 from his afternoon aerotow.   The 2 seaters were busy with course members and 8 Trial Lessons, with Ian Plant/Bill Parr haivng 59 minutes in the DG1000.

Thursday 22nd.  A fresh to strong NNE’ly flow saw the temperature barely climb into double figures while a low overcast all day meant no flying.

Friday 23rd.   What a difference a day makes.  A light and cool NNW airstream brought good thermal conditions from early until late, consequently 38 ATs were flown off runway 02 with 11 private owner launches and all the club fleet flown, including the Rotax Falke.    18 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour with Bill Payton being aloft for 6:30 in his Ventus in which he flew Sut/Barnard Castle/Pontefract/Driffield/Sut and then Sut/Masham/Humber Bridge/Sut for a total distance of 480 km including a climb to 6500′ asl.  On the first task Bill acted as lead to following George Rowden in his LS8, who thereby clocked up 280 km, a decision being taken at Barnard Castle not to cross the Pennines to Carlise as originally intended as conditions didn’t look good enough.    Derek Taylor in his ASW 22 flew Leyburn/Scunthorpe/Malton for 240 km and then the local 100 km triangle, Rufforth/Pocklington.  Chris Teagle abandoned his Fridaythorpe/Layburn leg due to difficult conditions west of Masham and flew Fridaythorpe/Masham/Fridaythorpe for 223 km, while Phil Lazenby tanked up the club Discus with water and turned Masham and Market Weighton for 155 km before attempting the local 100 km triangle, only to come unstuck and land at Full Sutton prison airfield, the second time in the last couple of months.  Fortunately he was let off for good behaviour and was aerotowed back to site.  Much local soaring was done, with the 5 Trial Lesson pupils being shown what gliders can do in suitable conditions,  one of the Trial Lesson pupils being  taken up by Mike Wood in his T21 to experience gliding as it used to be.  John McCormack converted to the DG303 so congratulations to him.  Those flying the T21 and the somewhat less draughty club Ka8 commented on the coolness of the air at height, with cloudbase rising from 3500′ to around 4500′ asl as the day progressed.  Those venturing into East Yorkshire found some strong climbs, with up to 7 kts ave reported along an isolated section of a sea breeze front near Driffield.   All in all a very good day.

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