Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th of March

Tuesday 1st.   Would you believe it, a light and variable wind, blue skies, warm sunshine (max temperature 9C) and thermals by midday, a real bonus after the cold and gloom of most of February.  Members took advantage of the conditions to record 18 ATs off runway 20, and none more so than Neil Thorne and Phil Jones both of whom went solo.  Congratulations to them both.  Neil had to dash off to work but Phil stayed around and recorded 3 subsequent flights, one very short due to an aborted take off, then one of 12 minutes and finally one of 50 minutes, all in the K21.  The DG1000, Ka8, Astir and Discus also flew, with Rob Bailey, who else, having 2 hours in the Discus and Derek Smith/John Tayler an hour in the DG1000.   There was also a single Trial Lesson pupil.

Wednesday 2nd.   The wind had gone into the SE and although light, brought in an accompanying layer of low stratus that shrouded the hills and kept the temperature down at 2C.   Consequently, no flying was possible.

Thursday 3rd.   Another cold, gloomy and cloudy day with the light E’ly veering into the S as the day progressed, but without  a corresponding improvement in cloud amount or base so the hangar doors remained shut.

Friday 4th.  A light E’ly saw the site initially shrouded in murk but a clearance then appeared mid morning, only for low fracto Cu to form very quickly and prevent any hope of flying before lunch.   Conditions improved as the day progressed but a lack of members meant no flying was possible.   The good news is that the Rotax Falke has been rigged and has had an engine run, but a test flight is still required.  Work to replace the rear tyres on one of  tractors came to a halt when the replacement tyres, after being in storage for a long time,  developed side wall splits when being fitted but more positively, a start was made to remove the saplings still present in the cleared area of forestry  to the E of the northern end of runway 02.  Around midday, the Astir was trailered back to site, having been taken down to a school in Knaresborough in order to show the pupils what a glider looked like.  After rigging the glider and showing 2 gliding videos, Andy Parish and Duncan Pask had a lot of questions to answer.

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