Tuesday 19th to Wednesday 20th May.

Tuesday.  A cloudy, moist, moderate and ultimately wet S’ly airstream covered the site, restricting flying to 7 ATs, all the in the club’s K21’s.  With no soaring opportunities , flight times were in the range 11-18 minutes but some of these were aerobatic flights under the tutelage of Paul Conran who was available all week to provide  views of North Yorkshire from unusual angles.

Wednesday.  The wind, 10-20 kts, started in the SW but slowly veered into the W as the day progressed.  15 ATs were flown off runway 24 (with landings on 20) before the first of a series of very heavy showers terminated flying at around 2pm.  With hill lift available on the northerly section of the main bowl, plus some thermal activity, 7 of the flights were around or over an hour although no one managed to contact the high level lenticulars that were visible above the convective cloud.  Martyn Johnson had around 3 hours in his DG600 with Ken Duxberry having 1.25 hrs in the club Astir and visitor Neil Hayes from Gransden Lodge, 1.2 hrs on his first ever hill soaring flight with Andy Parish in the club DG500.  Those members not in the air were  treated to one of the club K21’s doing prolonged inverted flight, including inverted turns and other manoeuvres as Paul Conran continued to provide aerobatic experience and training to club members.  All flying came to a sudden halt at 2pm as a very heavy shower approached, this also providing good practice in getting the hangars packed in a very short time.  The weather after the shower passed improved greatly, but as the writer had to leave site at this time it is not certain if flying resumed.