Thursday 9th to Tuesday 14th July

Thursday.  A 5-10 kt airstream from a N’ly sector brought generally cloudy skies and limited soaring.  15 Ats were flown, all in club gliders, including 3 trial lesson flights.  Reg Watson, flying the DG303 had 1.4hrs aloft while Andy Parish and S Hunt had 47 minutes in the K21 on the last flight of the day around 5pm.

Friday.  A light NW’ly slowly backed into the W but the bright morning was replaced by cloudy skies again restricting soaring opportunities.  21 ATs  were flown, including 2 Trial Lesson pupils, with the club K21s, DG1000, Astir, Discus and Ka8 all flying but nobody managed a flight of over an hour.  The Kiely’s, flying the K21 on the last flight of the day around 5pm, managed 48  minutes.

Saturday.  The light wind was now in the SE as a front slowly approached from the SW but a good soaring day was enjoyed by all.  46 ATs were flown, 16 by private owners and the rest in the club’s K21s, DG5oo, Astir, Ka8 and Discus.  2 Day course members and 6 Trial Lesson pupils were flown and 18 flights exceeded an hour.  Paul Foster in his ASW22 and Chris Teagle in his water  filled LS6C raced each other around a 224 km task, Sut/Fri/Ley/Mal/Sut,  while Andy Wright completed a 311 km task, Sut/Bev/Ley/Ltf/Sut.  All 3 pilots then enjoyed the soaring opportunities presented by a Sea Breeze front stretching from Pocklington northwards to the middle of the N Yorks Moors.  Most of the other private owners explored the Vale of York and Pickering and/or the Pennines.  Paul Foster had the longest flight of the day, 4.7 hrs while David Watsham had 3.2 hrs in the club Astir before having his first flight of 51 mins in the club Discus.  Congratulations David.  Andy Parish took Gordon Wallace on his first aerobatic flight in the K21.

Sunday.  The front passed through over night but initially left the site in a cloudy,  light WSW’ly airstream that later freshened and went into the W, so that after 11 ATs during the first part of the flying day,  10 winch launches were flown during the latter part.  The 11 ATs generated 1 flight of over an hour, N Davies having 1.2 hrs in the club Discus while Jon May with guest E Hammil had 50 minutes in the K21.  The hill soaring conditions later in the day encouraged 2 private owners to fly, with Martyn Johnson having 2.1 hrs in his DG 600  and John Marsh/John Shaw having 1.3 hrs in the club K21, 2 of the 6 flights from the winch to exceed an hour.  The  village of Kilburn at the foot of the White Horse were having their annual Kilburn Feast and a stall advertising gliding at YGC was provided, while Dick Cole flew an aerobatic display in the club K21.

Monday.  A sunny morning with a 5-15 kt wind from the S’ly quadrant  developed into a day with soaring opportunities before increasing cloud from around 3 pm put a damper on things.  21 ATs were flown, 5 by private owners and 4 by Trial Lesson pupils with 11 of the launches providing flights of more than an hour.  Albert Newbery/Phil Lazenby flying their DG1000t disappeared for 5.4hrs while Andy Wright initially declared Sut/Fla/Rip/Sut.  However, finding very good soaring conditions on the coast he completed a 256 km task, Sut/Fla/Thg/Wby/Sut, although the return leg from Whitby to Sutton was something of a struggle against the wind.  Rob Rose, a day visitor from Currock Hill, had 2.4 hrs solo in the DG500 and Dave Whatsham was introduced to the whys and wherefores of cross country flying by having 1.2 hours with Lindsay McLane in the club DG1000. 

Tuesday.  With a forecast of heavy showers/thunderstorms, the prospects for the day did not look promising but in fact the day provided some reasonable soaring weather. 35 ATs were flown off runway 20 into a light and steadily decreasing SW’ly that slowly backed into the SE.  11 private owners flew, 5 compulsorily, being landouts from the National Club Class competition at Pocklington on the final leg of their Poc/Sut/Goole/Ntl/Poc task.  Most pilots enjoyed the conditions during the early part of the day before a med level overcast spread up from the south limiting/preventing thermal activity.  George Rowden, flying his LS8t intially declared Sut/Ctk/Hum/Yor/Sut but with increasing gloom south of Castle Howard turned Malton and set off for Scarborough where  Peter Clay  in his Ventus and Martyn Johnson in his DG600 were enjoying thermal climbs to around 5k over the sea.   George completed his undeclared 182 km flight while Albert Newberry/Stuart Heaton visited Masham, Ripon and Hemsley in their DG1000t.  Back at site, a number of Trial Lessons were flown and Daivd Ryall had just over 2 hours in the club DG303 and Andy Parish/G Cardwell had just under an hour in the club K21.  A pause in flying then ensued as most members left the site at the end of the normal flying day.  Flying then resumed to provide 7 Trial Lesson flights for members of the Darlington 41 club from around 6pm.  With these flights completed and the hangar packed, the visitors and remaining club members retired to the bar/restuarant for another of Brian’s splendid suppers, during which the rain, which had been visible to the south, finally arrived.

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