Thursday 2nd to Tuesday 7th September.

Thursday 2nd.  With the anticyclone fully in  charge the site was in a light SE’lyflow withconvection  delayed until around the middle of the day.  27 ATswere flown of runway 20, 21 of these being by private owners with the Slingsbyweek members well to the fore.  The only club glider to fly was one of the K21s, withthe majority of its 7 flights being with Trial Lesson pupils.  Mr Cornelius of the visiting Slingsby group had 2:23 in his Ka6CR, one of 11 to exceed an hour, while Ian Plant took C Matusiak for a 41 minute flight in the club K21.

Friday 3rd.  The weather pattern had little altered from Thursday so operations were again off runway 20 into a light SE’ly flow.  Flying was again delayed until late morning by a lack of soaring opportunities, the start of thermal activity being further delayed until 2pm.  In spite of the late start, 26 ATs were flown, 17 by private owners and the balance by the club’s K21, DG1000, Discus and DG303, including 2 Trial Lesson pupils.  Most of the 12 flights that exceeded an hour took off between 2 and 4 pm, but a notable exception was Mr Winch in his Dart who flew for 2:24 having taken off at 1325 hrs.   Mr Cornelius again topped the duration stakes with a flight of 3:24 in his Ka6CR, while Ron Beezer had 1:40 in the club DG303 and David Bradley took his guest John Ellison for 39 minutes in the K21.

Saturday 4th.  The persistent anticyclone again provided a light SE’ly flow but the inversion had intensified so the number of flights exceeding an hour dropped from the previous day’s double figure totals to 3.  Club glider launches out numbered private owner launches with the K21s, DG500, Astir, DG303 and Discus utilised,as the Slingsby Club visitors started to prepare for their journey home.  In addition to the club glider  and the 5 private owner launches, the Rotax Falke had 4 flights.   Recent solo pilot Bryn Evans had 1:11 in the K21, John Marsh/Martin Joyce 1:06 in the K21 while Derek Smith had 1:10 in the newest addition to the private owner fleet, a Ventus CT, that he shares with David Ryall and Les Rayment. 

Sunday 5th.  The deteriorating soaring conditions under the high pressure meant that none of the 16 ATs delivered a flight in excess of an hour.  Only the club 2 seaters flew, providing flights for the day’s 4 Trial Lesson pupils as well as club members, but flight times were typically 15 - 25 minutes.  John Marsh/Korinne Zapp did however manage to stay up for 30 minutes in the DG500.

Monday 6th.  The squeezed isobars between the advancing low to the SW and the declining high to the NE resulted in a strong and gusty S’ly at site.  With winds gusting up to 40 kts the gliders remained safely in the hangar. 

Tuesday 7th.  The occluded front from the low off to the the west brought significant rain to the site overnight and left the site in cloud at the beginning of the flying day.  With flying prospects uncertain,  visiting groups from the Fenland GC at Marham in Norfolk and the Southdown GC at Parham spent the early part of the morning sampling the delights of hill soaring at Sutton on the simulator.  The completion of this activity coincided with the sun breaking through as the post front clearance arrived and flying started at around1240 hrs with a flight in the Rotax Falke.  Cloud base was initially 1100′ QFE but with large gaps between the Cu Mediocris that threatened showers later.  Cloudbase rose steadily during  the afternoon to peak at around 3000′ QFE, and with the threatened showers not materialising,  a good afternoon’s soaring was enjoyed.  13 ATs were flown off runway 20 into a light S’ly that freshened later and backed into the SE.  The club K21, DG1000 and Discus were flown along with the Discus of the Fenland GC.  2 of the flights exceeded an hour before the convection was suppressed by an approaching trough that brought a thunderstorm in the early evening.  Visitor Peter Luckhurst, flying the Fenland GC’s Discus, had 1:17 while Rob Bailey had an hour in the club Discus.  3 Trial Lesson pupils enjoyed their introduction to gliding and soaring whiele another Fenlandvisitor, Peter Sperry, had 49 minutes aloft with Andy Parish in the K21.

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