Thursday 21st to Tuesday 26th June.

Thursday 21st.  A deep depression moving in from the Atlantic meant a day of heavy rain and thunderstorms so there was no flying for either the club or Northerns pilots.

Friday 22nd.  The depression was slow moving over the UK bringing more rain for most of the day and strong SW’lies as the rain stopped, with the wind gusting to around 40 kts.  Consequently, there was no flying for anyone.

Saturday 23rd.  The wind had decreased to fresh and veered into the WSW as the depression slowly moved away, with gusts of 30 kts being recorded.  Although a contest day for the Northerns was scrubbed, there was some club flying with 4 winch launches off runway 24 in either K21 KLW or the DG1000.  There was also a single private owner launch.  The start of flying was delayed until just before lunch and then continued for a couple of hours with Robin Hutchinson and Fred Brown sharing a flight of 1:09 in the DG1000 and Roger Burghall having 1:02 solo in the K21, the only two flights to exceed an  hour. The evening was marked by the Northerns party with live music, good food and drink.

Sunday 24th.   The last day of the Northerns provided a moderate to fresh WNW’ly that backed into the W and overcast skies that slowly cleared as the day progressed.  Club flying was delayed until early afternoon and 5 ATs were flown, predominately in the 2 K21s although Rob Bailey flew the Discus for the longest flight of the day, 1:48 getting to 3,800′ in transient wave while John Marsh/Andy Darlington had 1:20 in K21 JVZ.  The recently returned Rotax Falke had two flights. The conditions did not permit a task to be set for the Northerns, so the result after 4 contest days stood.  Graham Morris won with 3041 pts in his ASW 27, with John & Lemmy Tanner 2nd with 2994 pts in their Duo Discus and Dick Cole et al 3rd in the YGC DG1000 with 2508 pts.  Reg Watson, flying the club Discus was 9th and Ian Plant flying Rob Bottomley’s Discus bt 10th.   Congratulations to Graham and all who took part.

Monday 25th.  Monday saw a light NW’ly become a light NNE’ly over the course of the day, with overcast skies giving way to some brighter ones at times.  Flying started  just before midday and continued until after 1700  hrs with 1 private owner launching and both K21s and the Discus of the club fleet flown.  4 Trial Lesson pupils were flown and the day was marked by a little  private duration contest between Bob Calvert in his Discus and Rob Bailey in the club Discus.  Both managed 1:54 in the air providing an honourable draw.  Mike Smith meanwhile, gave Mr Webster, one of the day’s Trial Lesson pupils, the longest 2 seater flight of the day, 32 minutes in the K21, while the Falke had 2 sorties.

Tuesday 26th.  A light to moderate SE’ly greeted the day as well as a corporate group of A&E Doctors and Consultants from Hospital Trusts in the Humber and Yorkshire region led by Resh Kochabocus.  With another depression approaching from  the Atlantic and rain forecast for early afternoon, it was all hands to the pump to get the group members into the air before the rain/low cloud came.  With all 4 two seaters in operation and 2 tugs flying, 23 flights were accomplished for the visitors plus an additional 11 for club members and 4 private owners before rain stopped play just before 1600 hrs.  There was even time for Chris Gill to do his final spin checks in the DG1000 with Bob Beck in order to complete his Bronze C, so congratualtions Chris.  Most of the launches found little in the way of lift, but Bob Beck found his own private bit of wave and gave 3 of the visiting doctors 29 minutes in the air in the DG1000.  Derek Smith in his Ventus 2ct and  Rob Bottomley in his Discus bt both made use of their engines to stay aloft, with Derek managing 2:49 in the air.  Rob Bailey had 1:08 in his ASG 29t.    Caterer Brian provided a wholesome lunch for the visitors, 6 of whom then went on to fly  the simulator.  The Falke had 2 flights on another successful corporate day only marred by a wheels up landing in the DG500 much to the chagrin of the pilot.  Photos of the group with and without some of the YGC members involved in providing hospitality and instruction are shown below.