Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th July

Thursday 21st.  A cloudy, moderate, N’ly airstream cleared to sunny intervals and 13 ATs were flown off runway 02 utilising one of the club’s K21s, the DG1000, DG303 and the Discus, while the Falke had a single sortie.  Soaring conditions were not particularly easy, but Nigel Burke in the Discus (1:11), Harry Clark in the DG303 (1:07) and Mike Wood in the Discus (1:00) contributed the 3 flights which exceeded an hour.  Andy Parish/D Thomas just failed to reach the hour mark with 55 minutes in the DG1000 while Alan Dowd continued his early solo flights with another one in the K21 and 2 Trial lesson pupils were flown.

Friday 22nd.  The continuing moderate N’ly brought in a more persistent medium cloud layer which allowed only a few sunny intervals and restricted soaring.  15 ATs were flown off runway 02, including 6 Trial Lesson pupils, with one of the K21s, the DG1000 and the Discus flown.  In the absence of much lift, flight times were typically 20 minutes, but Dave Hodgson gave Trial Lesson pupil P Smith 48 minutes  and Rob Bailey had 46 minutes off the second of his Discus flights of the day.  After the completion of the day shift,  Matt Woodhouse brought along 11 colleagues from Leeds University who were then given flights by Fred Brown, Harry Clark and Graham Evison in the evening.

Saturday 23rd.  The first day of the Northerns saw the moderate wind back into the NW, a direction that can give tricky take off conditions.  In addition, the medium cloud cover restricted soaring opportunities, so there was no competition task and flying was restricted to 4 flights, one in the club K21, one in the club Falke and 2 by private owners, Bob Calvert having 57 minutes in his Discus.

Sunday 24th.  The NW’ly wind decreased to light allowing the Northern’s competitors to be set a 312 km yoyo, with turning points at Masham, Pontefract, Catterick and Burn.  The less than ideal conditions, areas of good lift being followed by areas of poor lift and inactive clouds, saw a number of land outs and landbacks, but details of the competition are to be found on the YGC Web site under Competitions.  While the Northern’s competitors were busy with their task, club flying clocked up 16 ATs, 4 of which were for Trial Lesson pupils and 8 of which exceeded an hour.  Bill Payton/Andy Darlington had 4:10 aloft in Bill’s DG1000t, while Ron Beezer had 2:05 in the club DG303 and John Marsh/Mark Walton, 1:11 in the K21.  Derek Taylor did a 300 km O/R to Belvoir in his ASW 22, while Les Rayment did an 157 O/R to Scunthorpe, deciding at that point that conditions further south looked unpromising.  Martyn Johnson, one of the 7 private owner launches, landed out in his DG600.

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