Thursday 13th to Friday 14th October.

Thursday 13th.  Another overcast day, with low cloud in a light ESE’ly wind  preventing any flying.

Friday 14th.   Yet another overcast day in a light to moderate SE’ly flow, as the following photograph, looking SE  from the club house, shows.


However, appearances can be deceptive, as, of the 12 ATs flown, 4 exceeded an hour, lift being provided by weak wave of 1 kt maximum,  extending from the White Horse to Castle Howard.  The relative hotspot seemed to be Ampleforth, with Reg Rowlinson making the best use of the conditions in the Ka8, climbing to 4,400′ asl in his flight of 2:42.  Phil Jones also got above 4,000′ asl in his flight of 2:10 in the Discus while Mike Smith and George Rowden each flew a K21 solo for over an hour, reaching between 3-3,500 asl.  The wavy conditions then faded by the middle of the afternoon as clearer skies approached from the SE.  Diane Thomas brushed up her approach and landing skills with flights in both the Rotax Falke and  the K21 and Josephine dispensed lunch in the absence of Brian.  According to Colin Troise’s entries on the YGC Forum, the YGC expedition to Millfield had a similar sort of day with climbs to 4-5,000′ asl, but food again featured strongly in his report so I expect a few overweight glider pilots to return to Sutton at the weekend.

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