Thursday 12th to Friday 13th April

Thursday 12th.  The cool and showery, light to moderate flow from a N’ly quarter  continued initially giving some good lift, but under a relatively low cloud base, before the showers developed.  4 ATs,were flown, principally for the benefit of 3 Trial Lesson pupils with flights of between 20 and 32 minutes.  The only club member to fly was Ross Hume who, off the first flight of the day in the company of Andy Parish, had 45 minutes in the K21.  As on Wednesday, the showers duly developed and gave the  hangar packers a good soaking.

Friday 13th.  The cool, now N’ly flow continued, but with lighter winds.  Generally cloudy skies started to clear and with Cu forming, flying started around 1100 hrs and thereafter continued intermittently  until around 1630 hrs.  The intermittent nature of the flying was caused by overconvection,  which lead to leaden skies and no lift, conveniently around lunch time.  Thereafter, skies started to clear with the formation of some good Cu.  Mike Smith, hoping to brush up his thermalling techniques, took a pre lunch launch and was happily contemplating a couple of hours in the DG303 when the overconvection led to his arrival back on the ground after 1:08.  Andy Parish, flying with new member Steve Nesbit on the latter’s first flight,  had 51 minutes in the DG1000, a potentially marginal return to site being saved by some accomodating lift.  After the lunch break and with skies clearing, Ian Plant/Pauline Luty were all set to start their downwind leg in the K21 when a nice thermal took them up to cloud base at around 4000′ asl, extending their flight to 1:08.  Duncan Pask and George Rowden then launched around 14:30 hrs  into the more promising skies to the SE of the site.  Duncan subsequently had 1:36 in the DG303, while George completed a 107 km triangle in his LS8t, Sut/Snainton/Stamford Bridge/Sut, having to tiptoe around the Snainton turn point, but finding a large Cu on the last leg that gave 6-8 kts lift at 100 kts.  The day’s total of 7 ATs were supplemented by a single trip for Andy Parish/Reg Rowlinson in the Falke and the arrival a EuroFox for AT trials over the weekend.  The latter is shown taxiing to the club house on the following photo.