Sunday 8th to Tuesday 9th July

Sunday 8th.  Flying was delayed until after midday due to low cloud in a moderate NNW’ly, the cloud base increasing sufficiently by early afternoon to allow 6 ATs in two of the club’s 2 seaters, 4 of which were for Trial Lesson Pupils.  With an absence of lift, the longest flight of the day was by Les Rayment and his Trial Lesson pupil, R Burrell-Jones, who had 22 minutes in K21 JVZ.  2 Falke sorties were flown while R Walton had 20 minutes solo in the K21, an evening clearance coming too late to provide further gliding opportunities. 

Monday 9th.  The dreary, cloudy and dank conditions continued, with the moderate wind now in the NNE.  The overcast skies were accompanied by periods of light rain with an accompanying low cloudbase, so the only flying for the two Johns on the holiday course was on  the simulator, with CFI Andy Parish providing some additional class room lectures.  The BGA Simulator left the site for the Great Yorkshire Show ground in Harrogate, in preparation for the opening day of the show on Tuesday 10th.

Tuesday 10th.  A light SE’ly that slowly veered into the WSW over the day brought periods of rain, some of it heavy, and low cloud that enveloped the site at times.  Consequently, it was again a day of simulator flying and class room lectures for the course members, this time by Flying Director Dick Cole, the subject being the Principles of Flight.  It was also the first day of the Yorkshire Show in Harrogate, but the weather meant that it was also the last day as atrocious ground conditions meant that the rest of the week’s show was cancelled.  A report on the activities on the YGC stand at the show will be provided in the next Blog.

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