Sunday 7th to Tuesday 9th August

Sunday 7th.  A hill soarable W’ly blew all day under generally cloudy skies but with periods of thermic conditions.  The first launch was at 0855 hrs, when John Marsh was winched off runway 24 to set the ball rolling with a flight of over an hour in the club DG303.  Another 13 flights of over an hour followed from the day’s 36 winch launches.  All the club 2 seaters were flown plus the Astir and Discus and 6 private owners joined in the fun, while the 6 Trial Lesson pupils and the Day course member, B Smit, chose a good day, Mr Smit clocking up 2:14 in the air off his 3 flights.  Les Rayment and Junior member Bryn Evans topped the 2 seater list with a flight of 1:23 while Tony Waddoup had 3:53 in the club Discus.  Everybody was however eclipsed by Phil Jones in the Astir who completed his Silver C duration leg and enjoyed it so much he stayed up an extra hour to register 6:07.  Well done Phil.

Monday 8th.  A light to moderate W’ly again resulted in a winch launching day, at least until a trough produced a line of heavy showers over the site after lunch, halting flying and causing a wind veer to N’ly.  Monday saw the start of Junior week and the  two K21s and the DG1000 were soon busy generating the majority of the 10 winch launches of the day.  There was a single private owner launch with Nigel Burke having the longest flight of the day, 2:15 in his DG600.  There were 3 other flights of over an hour,  Mike Wood having 1:33 in the Astir and Conrad Thwaites/Colin Troise 1:24 in the DG1000.  A single Trial Lesson pupil was flown. 

Tuesday 9th.  A light to moderate NW’ly gradually backed into the W and weakened as a ridge moved in from the west.  Initially the site was under a medium level overcast, with good Cu visible well to the south.  However, around lunch time the overcast started to break up to yield a good soaring day, the Cu tending to street and producing some strong climbs as well as areas of very heavy sink.  30 ATs were flown off runway 02, the first few of the day being somewhat lively, and only the DG500, the Ka8 and Astir EBM stayed in the hangar.   6 private owners flew, with George Rowden completing a 240 km task  in his LS8t and providing the longest flight of the day 4:26, just ahead of Bob Calvert  in his Discus who tiptoed up to Bainbridge in Wensleydale before returning to the flat lands and visiting Rufforth in a flight of 4:24. David Ashby launched in his ASW 22 but had vario trouble and landed back after over an hour.  Derek Smith (Ventus 2ct) and Ritchie Toon(LS7) also flew but it is not known where.  Mike Smith, flying the club DG303 visited Northallerton, Thirsk, Ripon and York before returning to Sutton and Rob Bailey continued his investigation of local turning points by visiting Ripon, Masham, Harrogate North, Wetherby, Market Weighton, Malton and Castle Howard in his ASG29e.  Back at site Bryn Evans converted to the Astir and celebrated by staying up for 1:17.  Well done Bryn.  David Ireland, a regular member of YGC gliding courses, got ready for the one next week by re-soloing in the K21.  Well done David.  Among all this activity, the Falke had 2 flights, there were 3 Trial Lesson pupils, Andy Parish/Will Parr put up  the longest 2 seater flight of the day, 56 minutes in the K21 and Ken Duxbury had 2:10 in the Astir.  Conditions were still soarable at 1800 hours.

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