Sunday 7th to Monday 8th June.

Sunday.  A 10-15 kt ENE’ly brought in a high overcast during the morning with Cu underneath with bases at around 3000′ asl.  There were 8 ATs off runway 02 all in  the club K21s with flight times typically in the 15 – 25 minute range  although later on flights were off runway 06.  2 Trial lesson pupils were flown.  On their instructional flight, John Marsh and his pupil found some more consistent thermal activity enabling them to chalk up another official soaring day with a flight of just over an hour.   Conditions looked to have improved by mid afternoon but a lack of customers mean flying stopped at around 1430 hrs.  The Falke fuselage disappeared off site for its post heavy landing inspection. 

Monday.  The airmass was still from an ENE’ly direction although the wind speed had lowered to 5-10 kts and with a holiday course starting with 4 members, AT operations commenced off runway 02 straight after briefing.  The site appeared to be on a boundary with spreadout to the south and blue sky and  Cu to the north.  The latter tempted Lindsay McLane to go north in his Ventus and although he landed some 5 hours later the extent of his foray is not known.  Bill Payton, flying his DG1000t solo also had a long flight but didn’t go anywhere in particular.  2 other private  owners also flew as well as all  4 of the club’s 2 seaters, but locally conditions were tricky with occasional strong lift under well developed clouds but generally the lift was inconsistent and weak.    In all 26 ATs were flown, including 1 Trial Lesson pupil, with typical flight times in the 15-30 minute range but John Marsh/B Upton had 39 minutes in the club K21 for the longest club flight of the day.