Sunday 5th to Tuesday 7th December.

Sunday 5th.     A light and variable wind greeted the day but with temperatures remaining at around -2C all day, in spite of the wind going into the warmer W, there was no thaw and the snow bound airfield meant no flying.  It was however very much warmer at site overnight than at the bottom of the hill, as a temperature of around -18C was reported from nearby Topcliffe.

Monday 6th.  A clear and  sunny day with the temperature almost reaching 0C and a light wind from the W that slowly backed into the SW.  No improvement in airfield conditions, however, meant no flying.

Tuesday 7th.  An abrupt change in wind direction in the early hours from SW to N’ly, heralded the  passage of the front that had caused so much chaos in lowland Scotland during the previous evening.  However, the front had weakened by the time it crossed the site and there was no significant additional snow fall.  The day time temperature remained below freezing, but on my arrival at site, and parking in the partially cleared car park, I found Brian mopping out the foyer and the understairs storage area as water seeped down the internal wall of the spiral staircase.  An on-roof inspection by  Chairman Graham Evison and Andy Parish revealed that water was overflowing one of the cold water storage tanks onto the roof due to a faulty ball valve.  The water was then accumulating on the roof as the hopper collecting the water draining from the roof was a block of ice.   Attempts to unfreeze the hopper proved unsuccessful, so with the faulty ball valve sorted, Andy and the writer spent a little time engaged in the novel pastime of bailing out the roof.   Completion of this task coincided with the arrival on site of K21 KLW in its trailer, courtesy of Derek Taylor, after its recent ARC.  After parking and securing the trailer in front of the hangars, Derek trailered Jamie Quartermain’s ASW 27 off site for its ARC, although  Andy’s Land Rover was required to get the trailer through the thick snow in the trailer park to Derek’s car at the entrance to the club road.

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