Sunday 3rd to Tuesday 5th May.

Sunday.  A fresh NW’ly brought good soaring conditions but no flying was possible due to turbulence downwind of the main ridge on the take off from runway 02.  Some pilots resorted to the simulator.

Monday.  A wet and cloudy SW’ly airstream persisted all day preventing any flying.

Tuesday.  A fresh and cloudy WSW’ly airstream was again in evidence with the promise of hill and possibly wave lift.  The first winch launch of the day was however abandoned when the cloudbase turned out to be much lower than anticipated, resulting in the rapid return to earth of Dave Cambell/R Huggins in the K21 .  Thereafter the wind slowly increased with gusts up to  35 kts accompanied by bits and pieces of rain, although bands of sunlit ground towards the Pennines showed the presence of wave.  With no appreciable increase in cloud base as the day progressed,  no further flying was possible although the simulator was again in action.

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