Sunday 26th April to Saturday 2nd May

Sunday.  A  moderate SSW’ly airstream continued the  good soaring conditions of late Saturday and 38 AT’s were flown by the all the club’s gliders and 13 private owners.  A  number of Sutton’s pilots attended a weekend advanced soaring course at Pocklington with all completing a 300+ km task in spite of  being denied permission  to enter Doncaster/Sheffield’s Class D airspace which entailed some significant diversions.  A number of pilots also flew over 300 km from Sutton but while not experiencing problems with Doncaster’s Class D shared the problems of significant spreadout mid  afternoon  which caused the  curtailment of some tasks.  10 of the flights from Sutton exceeded an hour with around 70 hrs soaring accumulated.  Bill Payton was aloft for 5.3 hrs in his Ventus while Jack McGregor and Andy Darlington shared a flight of 1.75 hrs in the club DG1000.  The 6 Trial lesson pupils chose a good day for their first flights.

Monday and Tuesday.   Rain  and low cloud on both days prevented any flying, apart from some flights on the simulator. 

Wednesday.   A light, cloudy, moist,  SE’ly airstream bringing very poor visibility initially covered the site, with conditions not improving sufficiently to allow flying to take plaee until early afternoon.    Following this late start 10 AT’s were flown in the club K21’s and Astir as well as by 2 private owners.  Soaring was possible on most flights but an indication that conditions were much better further south was provided by the appearence of a Lasham based glider  which then struggled to get sufficient height to make the return journey.  Andy Parish/Andrew McCann had 66 minutes local soaring in the club’s K21 while Mike Smith just pipped them to the longest flight of the day by staying up for 68 minutes in his ASW20.

Thursday.  A light SSE’ly airstream brought showers and longer periods of rain so flying was confined to the Simulator.

Friday.    The  wind was  now a moderate SW’ly but periods of rain restricted flying to 3 AT’s including one by a  private owner.  Andy Parish/J Hamill made it a soaring day by staying up for 33 minutes.

Saturday.  A light W’ly that slowly backed into the SW brought good soaring conditions although there was a tendency for spreadout.  Cloud base rose from around 3500′ asl to around 5000′ asl by the end of the day.  Saturday was the first day of a Task Weekend for YGC pilots and 2 tasks were set,  212 km around Leyburn/Pontefract/Masham and 138 km around Leyburn/Knaesborough/Masham.  Most pilots completed their selected task but Tony Waddup landed out in his Ka6.  Lindsay McLane decided to explore to the North in hisVentus with the idea of contacting the wave forecast for the extreme north of England and Scotland, but  deteriorating conditions meant he couldn’t get beyond Newcastle.  Lindsay vied with Bill Payton for the longest flight of the day at around 7 hours, 2 of the 28 flights that exceeded an hour.  In all 49 AT’s were flown with 25 private owners and most of the club fleet taking to the skies.  The 4 Trial Lesson pupils all enjoyed some good soaring in gentle but strong thermals and Dick Cole/Andy McCann had 2.3 hrs in the club DG1000 and Mr Davis just under 2 hrs in the club DG303.

With the hangar packed, CFI Andy Parish held an instructor’s/tug pilot’s meeting aided by Deputy CFI Dick Cole and this was followed by a BBQ, rounding off a good day’s flying very nicely.

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