Sunday 22nd to Monday 23rd February.

Sunday. Following the splendid soaring of Saturday, hopes were high for a repeat on Sunday, indeed a very promising sky beckoned. However, the wind had veered into the NW and freshened, with the result that flying was limited to 4 winch launches, all in the club K21s, and 2 flights in the club Motor Falke. Albert Newberry/S Nath soared for 51 minutes off the first flight of the day, thereafter flight times were typically 30 minutes before the increasingly rough conditions caused flying to be terminated.
Monday. A light and cloudy NNW’ly was a feature of the day, with some light drizzle around lunch time and a lowering cloudbase and further drizzle late afternoon. Flying was restricted to 2 flights in the Motor Falke and 3 ATs, 1 by a private owner and the other 2 by one of the club K21s. Flight times were typically in the 15-25 minute range. For 1 pilot, the deteriorating flying conditions were swapped for a Cumulus filled sky in the simulator, a very useful place to hone those soon to be required thermalling skills.