Sunday 19th to Monday 20th August

Sunday 19th.  A light wind day that started in the ENE and eventually backed into the NW was accompanied by generally cloudy skies that turned to showers later in the day and restricted flying to 8 ATs and 2 Falkes orties with only the club  2 seaters flown.  With no lift to speak of, circuits were the norm, with John Marsh taking Mr Ball, one of the 3 Trial Lesson pupils of  the day for the longest flight of the day, 22 minutes off a 3000′ AT. 

Monday 20th.  Thanks are due to David Hill who answered a call to oversee flying, when after a dull and rainy morning, the skies broke to give some reasonable soaring conditions after lunch as the wind veered from SSE’ly to become WSW’ly.  12 ATs were flown, while Peter Crawley took a self launch in his DG800 at 1715 hrs to record the longest fight of the day, 2:25, the result of contacting wave and climbing to around 5000′ asl. This was the only one of the day’s flights to exceed an  hour.  2 of the club’s 2 seaters and 2 of the club’s single seaters were flown on a day with 2 Trial Lesson and 1 Learn to Fly package pupils.  Ian Plant and Ron Linton flew K21 JVZ for 46 minutes while Chris Gill had 40  minutes in the Discus.  The highlight of the day was undoubtedly Peter Wright’s conversion to the Astir, so well done Peter.

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