Sunday 18th to Tuesday 20th April.

Sunday 18th.  A light and variable wind, mainly from the NW quadrant, saw flying start just after 1000 hrs and continue until 1700 hrs with 25 ATs completed.  With soaring conditions difficult, only 1 private owner rigged, the indomitable Bob Calvert with his Astir, although even he had to have two launches before staying airborne, his flight of 1:12 being the best of the day.  The club’s DG 1000, K21 KLW, Astir and Discus also flew, with Mike Smith continuing with his BI training, the second of his 2 flights with John Marsh in the DG1000 securing the longest 2 seater flight of the day at 40 minutes.  The lack of soaring opportunities limited most flights to less than 30 minutes but Rob Bailey, flying the Discus on the last flight of the day had 31 minutes in the air.

Monday 19th.  A dissipating front brought cloudy skies, a low cloud base and bits and pieces of rain, all wrapped up in a light to moderate SE’ly that slowly went into the S.  Consequently, there was no flying.

Tuesday 20th.  The passage of the dissipating front overnight, left the site under blue skies in an fresh and gusty NW’ly airstream.  With gusts of around 27 kts and the wind at ground level rapidly varying in strength and direction, no flying was possible, so those pilots who remained on site looked at the nice fat, high cloudbase cumulus and the wave that was clearly visible on the satpics and pondered what might have been.  Mike Smith and George Rowden retired to the windowless simulator room where, in the theatre of light winds and benign flying conditions,  George took the part of a willing, if slightly ham fisted pupil, to Mike’s BI.