Sunday 18th to Monday 19th July

Sunday 18th.     A moderate, moist and mild S’ly airstream brought in a low overcast that meant the hangar doors remained firmly shut.  The wind slowly veered into the W  over the  course of the day and strengthened, this change eventually being accompanied by the skies brightening late on.  However, by then, all the potential pilots had left the site. 

Monday 19th.  Rain and low cloud first thing meant that the start of flying was delayed until late morning, but from then on the conditions became eminently soarable, with a light to moderate S’ly and firm looking Cu with a cloud base of around 3500′ asl.  These conditions lasted for around 4 hours, the skies then  clouding over and rain arriving around 1630 hrs.  During the flyable period, 10 ATs were flown off runway 24, including Robin Hutchinson in his Swordfish, the club 2 seaters being busy with the week’s course members, Terry Hughes  and David Moran.  Terry is from the Dumfries GC while David is a YGC member.   Terry had the first flight of the day with course instructor John Marsh and they contacted some weak wave which they used to climb to 4000′ asl.  Thereafter thermals were the order of the day with Martyn Johnson/Carol Tiffin having 1:10 in the DG1000 and Robin Hutchinson, 1:05.   Meanwhile, work continued to both pipe in the new aviation fuel storage tank and remove the tree stumps from the recently felled area of the airfield.