Sunday 14th August

Sunday 14th.  A light to moderate WSW’lyblew all day and with flying continuing from just after 10 am to 7-30 pm, 44 ATs were flown off runway 24.  All the club fleet were flown except the Ka8 and there were 13 private owner launches, including a competitor from the Club Nationals at Pocklington, who landed at at Sutton and had an AT back.    In addition to club members and the visiting pilots from the Kent GC, 4 Trial Lesson pupils were flown and there were 2 Day course members.  Ross   Hume, the first purchaser of the recently introduced Learn to Fly package continued the training he started on Saturday.  Martyn Johnson flying his DG600 had the longest flight of the day, 3:10, surviving a period of low scraping on the hill.  Visitors Messrs Bort and Beer had 3:00 in their ASH 25, while John Carter/Duncan Pask in the K21 and Bob Calvert/Denise Grimshaw in the DG500 both had 1:11 and Andy Hatfield had 2:00 in the Discus.  The wind picked up late afternoon/early evening providing good hill soaring conditions at the end of the flying day.

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