Saturday 6th June.

Saturday. The day opened with  low cloud and rain, over 15mm having fallen overnight in a  light ESE’ly airstream.  However, the rain soon stopped allowing John Marsh to start cutting the grass on runway 02/20 with the repaired equipment.  And a very nice stripey look he achieved.    The weather continued to slowly improve and with a reasonable cloud base and cumulus forming, flying started off runway 06 into a fresher E’ly at around 1430.    Andy Parish/Colin Troise  had the first flight in the K21 utilising 2-4 kt thermals in their flight of 1.1 hours, followed by another two K21 flights each of around 30 minutes by which time the cloud base had increased to to around 3700′ asl.  Flying then terminated due to a lack of customers.  The  opportunity was also taken to derig the Rotax Falke and load the wings onto a trailer for transport to Bob McClean’s where it will be given a  detailed inspection after its heavy landing.  The fuselage is expected to follow shortly.

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