Saturday 24th to Tuesday 27th.

Saturday 24th.  The  light to moderate SW airstream contained a medium level overcast but this was sufficiently thin/broken to allow good cumulus development by late morning.  The good soaring conditions until late afternoon led to 39 ATsoff runway 24, with all  the club fleet flown and a goodly selection of private owners rigging.  Cloudbase eventually reached around 5000′ asl and there was even some weak wave which allowed some pilots to climb above cloudbase, but only by a few hundred feet.  There were 6 Trial Lesson flights while Steve Ball/Jon May took their Duo Discus on a 167 km round trip turning Pocklington, Rufforth and Guisborough.   The most interesting flight of the day was by Andy Darlington in Fred Brown’s Cirrus.   Andy made a straight in approach from the top of his 2000′ AT as the result of the tail parachute deploying, diverting into areas of strong lift on the way back to reduce the rate of sink from horrific to bad.   Meanwhile, at the Fresh Air Event in Thirsk, David Latimer’s Ventus attracted a number of visitors and hopefully persuaded some of them to try gliding at Sutton Bank.  A larger than normal number of people were available to hangar the gliders, tugs and equipment at the end of  the flying day as a Member’s Forum meeting was scheduled for 6-30 pm.  This well attended meeting covered a range of member’s views on subjects as diverse as the recent 5 year plan to carpet cleaning and illustrated the interest the membership have in the continuing  success of the YGC.

Sunday 25th.  A day of sunny intervals in a light to moderate W’ly flow did not generate the amount of flying expected.  Presumably people had satisfied their flying on Saturday.  11 ATs were flown and there were 3 Rotax Falke flights but the majority of the flying was done for/by the 5 Trial Lesson pupils of the day with transient weak wave present for the day’s early flights.  2 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour with John Marsh clocking up 1:10 in the Discus while Fred Brown took his family guest for a 58 minute flight in the K21.  John’s flight earned him a cup of tea courtesy of Jamie Davis, the result of a bet based on who could stay up longest.  After staying aloft in weak hill lift and weak thermals, John contacted a 5+ kt cracker that took him to cloud base at just over 3000′ asl, from whence he returned to claim his prize.

Monday 26th.  After a bright start the day went downhill with increasing cloud and finally a few spots of rain.  14 ATs were flown in the light NNW, this slowly backing into the WNW.   Lift was hard to come by and although the K21, DG1000, Astir and DG303 flew, nobody exceeded 30 minutes in the air, Tim Howle coming the closest with 29 minutes in the Astir.  The lack of lift did however mean that the 7 Trial Lesson pupils had a smooth introduction to gliding.

Tuesday 27th.  A southward moving cold front had cleared the site leaving a legacy of a light to moderate W’ly.  However it wasn’t a classic post cold front clearance as the skies remained predominately cloudy and meaningful lift was hard to find.  The K21 and DG1000, plus 2 Rotax Falke flights, provided the flying action, with flight times in  the range 20 - 30 minutes, just right for the 5 Trial Lesson pupils of the day.  Ian Plant/A Rennision did, however, manage a 41 minute flight in the K21.

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