Saturday 18th August

Saturday 18th.  The day dawned with a weak cold front covering the site, giving a low  base to the  generally cloudy/overcast skies in a moderate SSW’ly flow.  With the front expected to slip slowly SE’ wards as the day progressed, the Task Week contestants were given a pilot selected task around 7 river bridge related turnpoints, with 10 bonus points for every 1000′ climb in wave over 5,000′ asl.  Indeed, the first flight of the day saw Martyn Johnson and Mr Cullum find some weak wave in K21 JVZ in their flight of 1:08.  The wave proved weak and elusive however, so no significant climbs were recorded.  The cloudy conditions meant that the Task Week contestants waited for conditions to improve, which they did around 1600 hrs as brighter skies eventually arrived from the west, with Cu forming at around 3000′ asl.  However, the wind freshened as it veered into the WSW with the clearence and this, coupled with the weak thermals, meant that nobody rounded any of the tasked TPs in spite of many valiant attempts. The difficulty of the day for cross country flights was demonstrated by Axel Mahnke who landed out in his ASW20.  Rob Bailey was the last to land around 1800 hrs, the day producing 30 ATs with the majority of the club fleet being flown and 9 private owners launching, while the Falke had 3 sorties.  Colin Troise put up the longest flight of the day, 4:07 in his DG600 while Steve Ball took Les Rayment for  a flight of 3:19 in Steve’s Duo Discus xlt, Jon May, Steve’s usual co pilot being busy with the 5 trial lessons of the day.  Andy Hatfield, flying the club Discus in Task Week also struggled manfully to reach a TP but gave up after 2:16 in the air.  While all the above was going on, John Tayler, Fred Brown and Robin Hutchinson were kept busy in the classroom and the cockpit by Andy Parish and Dick Cole as they prepared for their Ass Cat course in September, Robin even taking time off the building of his trailer.

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