Monday 25th to Thursday 28th July

Monday 25th.  The  light N’ly flow brought in overcast skies as the pressure slowly rose, preventing any convection and grounding the Northern’s competitors.  There was, however, some club flying, 9 ATs being flown off runway 02 utilising both K21s, 4 of the flights being for Trial Lesson pupils, in addition to 2 Falke flights.  John Marsh and Trial Lesson pupil M Heaven-Roy enjoyed the longest flight of the day, 39 minutes off a 3000′ tow.  Monday was, however, enlivened by the arrival of a smart Tiger Moth in order to refuel as the following photo shows.


Tuesday 26th.  The synoptic situation was little changed and although the pressure continued to rise, a seemingly endless supply of medium level overcast continued to suppress any convection and keep the Northern’s competitors earth bound.  Club flying was restricted to 4 flights, 2 in the Falke,  with John Marsh taking another Trial Lesson pupil, Brian Wilson for a 15 minute flight in the K21. 

Wednesday 27th.  The light flow had veered into the NNE, but the medium level overcast continued to roll in, albeit showing some signs of starting to break up.  10 ATs were flown off runway 02, 2 by private owners and the balance in one of the club’s K21s,  the Astir and the Ka8.  Chris Gill managed 49 minutes in  the Ka8, with Chris Cole having 33 minutes in his Pegase.   John Marsh, who else, had 31 minutes in the K21 with G Wright and there were 2 Falke flights.  The long awaited appearence of blue skies came too late in the day to allow a task to be set for the Northern’s competitors.

Thursday 28th.  Blue skies in a light N’ly had the Northern’s competitors set a 188 km Yoyo with turning points at North Duffield, Pickering and Wetherby.  A large area of overconvected sky caused  a significant number of  the 9 land outs to come to ground near Pickering, but there were 5 finishers.   Details can be found by following the links on the YCG web site starting with ‘Competitions’.  The greatly improved conditions saw 20 club based AT’s, initially off runway 24 before the grid launched off 02, with 7 private owner launches and the club’s K21s, Astir and Ka8 utilised.  Mike Wood took the Ka8 to 5600′ asl in his flight of just over an hour, while David Hill/Dennis Altoft also had a good thermal climb in their flight of 40 minutes in the K21.  Phil Jones, eager for his first cross country after completing his navigation and field landing excercises in the Falke last Saturday,  well done Phil,  found the conditions not condusive to staying up in the Astir so has to wait for a more suitable day.   George Rowden’s attempt on a Scarborough/Goole triangle in his LS8t was frustrated by sea air some 15 kms from Scarborough,  aided by a low cloudbase near the coast. An undeclared Sut, Snainton, Goole, Scunthorpe, Guisborough, Sut task  was then attempted, but the overcast which downed a number of Northern’s competitors near Pickering meant an engine burn was required some 10 km from Sutton on the way to Guisborough in his flight of 3:20.  Albert Newbery and Stuart Heaton, launching after the grid, did an O/R to Scunthorpe in their DG1000t, like George, finding excellent conditions south of York, including a steady 6 kt climb to 6000′ asl.  Nigel Burke in his DG600  visited some of the local turning points while the Falke had a single flight.