Monday 15th August.

Monday 15th. The  light to moderate WSW’ly continued to blow and a packed briefing room listened to Instructor in charge, Ian Plant, predicting a good days soaring, as the rain fell outside from some big showers.  These delayed flying until after 1100 hours and remained visible to the south until the early afternoon accompanied by large areas of spreadout.  Thereafter, conditions became very good with no spreadout,  c/b around 5500′ asl, strong thermals, a  hint of wave and a soarable hil to retreat to.  34 ATswere flown off runway 24, with many of the 17 private owner launches departing to all points of the compass and 4 pilots still airborne when the reporter left site at around 1830  hrs.  Bill Payton/John Russell had around 6 hours aloft in Bill’s DG1000t, but had to resort to the engine to get home.  Martyn Johnson in his DG600 and Peter Clay in his Ventus ct between them visited a goodly proportion of the turning points in North Yorkshire, Martyn being aloft for 3:45 and Peter 3:25, while  Dave Ashby had 3:55 in his ASW 22.  The 4 course members, Neil and Alex Armstrong, Garon Clark and David Ireland certainly had a good start to their gliding week under the tutelage of John  Marsh and John Carter, with John Marsh/Garon Clark visiting Tesco’s in York, but, finding the car park unavailable for a landing in the DG1000, returned to site in a flight of 1:09,  Ron Beezerhad 1:47 in the DG303 and Howard Marshall, 1:18 in the Ka8, all the club fleet being flown with the exception of both Astirs.  The spreadout conditions late morning/early afternoon led to 4 landouts, Rob Bottomley in his Discus, visitor J Brattle in the Junior and Phil Jones in the club Discus.  Where’s the other land out I hear you ask, well Phil, trying for his Silver Distance with flight to Burn, landed out at Rufforth.  He then took an AT from there intending to fly his Silver leg from Burn to Sutton but instead landed at Burn from where he returned to Sutton by trailer.  Poor soaring conditions also led to Ian Bullous resorting to the engine of his DG800 near Drax while George Rowden, exploring for wave near Masham, found the down and also had an engine start in his LS8t.   The club was also visited by a Dimona and a Chipmunk, the latter’s pilot returning to sample gliding again having been hooked while on a course a few weeks ago.

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