Friday 8th to Wednesday 22nd September.

Friday 8th to Tuesday 21st September.  Having just returned from a holiday that included watching some nice wave clouds forming in the lee of the Dingle Peninsula in SW Ireland, I don’t propose to embark on  a detailed report on events at Sutton over my holiday period.   However a few highlights are worth reporting;  Peter Wright’s first solo on Thursday 9th Sept and Nick Muller’s first solo on Tuesday 21st  certainly come into that category, congratulations to them both.  Saturday 11th saw the club hold a successful  Open Day with a steady stream of visitors.  42 Trial Lesson flights plus 11 on the simulator and a number of stalls,  all contributed to good publicity for the club and a significant financial boost to its balance sheet.  In flying terms, although most of the days in the report period were flyable and the majority soarable,  no cross countries were posted on the National Ladder but Martyn Johnson, flying his DG600 on the 14th, eventually contacted  wave that took him up to just under 12,500′ . 

Wednesday 22nd.  A light to moderate SE’ly that slowly veered into the SW as a front approached, provided extensive and thickening high cover that essentially prevented thermal activity, although a few Cu briefly formed in the late afternoon.  23 ATs were flown off runway 20 with the majority of the club fleet in action but only 1 private owner launch, that being by a member of the visiting Stratford GC.  In the absence of much usuable lift, flight times were generally in the range 15-20  minutes but some pilots found very weak wave over Kilburn,  occasional weak thermals or thermal enhanced weak hill lift over the southern slope to extend their flight times.  Others increased their chances of longer flight times by taking higher tows such as visitors Mr and Mrs Kerby who managed 45 minutes in  the DG1000 from a 5000′ tow or George Rowden with one of the day’s 3 Trial Lesson pupils who had 27 minutes in the K21 off a 3000′ tow helped by some weak wave at around 2500′ QFE.  Duncan Pask in the Astir and Rob Bailey in the Discus both managed 35 minutes from 2000′ tows.  The day’s flying also included 2 flights in the Rotax Falke and Mike Wood returning to solo flight in the Ka8 after his recent illness.