Friday 29th June to Monday 2nd July

 June 29th.   A moderate to fresh mainly SW’ly flow brought in frequent light showers .    Consequently, there was no flying and the visit of a Group of Scouts for an evening’s flying had to be postponed.

Saturday 30th.  The wind had stayed in the SW but had increased a little compared to Friday and although showery, the showers were not as frequent as Friday but tended to increase in intensity as the day progressed, some particularly heavy ones causing flying to cease around 1500 hrs.  Nevertheless,  a part day’s gliding was enjoyed, launching being by both winch and AT.  The day’s launch total was 19, 14 by  ATs and 5 by winch  with 3 of the club’s two seaters and 2 of the single seaters being flown, while 3 private owners launched and there was a single flight in the Falke.  Flight times averaged around 30 minutes with 4 pilots having over an hour in the air, Bob Calvert in his Discus having 2:42 off an AT, while Martyn Johnson had the best of the winch launches with 1:08 in his DG600.  It was a Discus day as Brian Wise had the second longest flight of the day, 2:06 in the club Discus.   Bob Beck/Mr Ince put up the longest 2 seater flight with 55 minutes in the  DG1000 while  Ron Beezer was the only other pilot to have over an hour with 1:04 in the DG303. 

Sunday 1st July.   Flying was delayed until just before midday by low cloud, but a full day’s afternoon and evening flying was had, with 24 launches off the winch in the moderate SW’ly, albeit with overcast skies.  4 private owners launched to join the club’s 2 K21s, the DG1000, Discus and DG303 in the air.  1 Trial Lesson pupil was flown, there was a single Falke flight and 10 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour with Steve Ball and Jon May having 1:42 in their Duo Discus xt and Les Rayment/Ian Johnston having 1:08 in the DG1000 just to prove what 2 seaters can do.  John Marsh and Rob Bailey contributed 3 of the flights over an hour with John having 1:33 and then 1:14 in the Discus and Rob making up for a shorter first flight by having 3:02 in the Discus on his 2nd flight of the day, taking off at just after 1700 hrs and landing just after 2000 hrs during which time he rode the summer wave to around 12,000′ asl and visited Darlington, Catterick, Masham and Boroughbridge on his 30 minute descent.

Monday 2nd July.  A day of overcast skies and periods of light rain in a moderate SSE’ly, meant there was no flying for the members of the  holiday course which started today, so some of the day was profitably spent in the briefing room.

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