Friday 26th to Saturday 27th June.

Friday.  The light and generally E’ly flow of most of the week continued into Friday with a little more N in it.  Sunny conditons early am were soon replaced by more cloudy skies and limited visibility as a weak front approached from the North Sea, limiting covection.  The day’s 10 ATs, all in one of the club’s K21s resulted in flight times in the 15-20 minutes range, although Dave Ashby, flying with guest Mr Hinchcliffe, managed 25 minutes, the best of the day.

Saturday.  Friday’s weather situation continued into Saturday with the exception that Friday’s early  sunshire was missing.  Low cloud and murky conditions were the order of the day, these briefly brightening around lunch time before an approaching trough brought a  return of even lower cloud and  some rain.  No flying was therefore possible.  However, Day Course members Charlotte and Christian were treated to Andy Parish’s briefings on site safety and the basics of controlled flight, putting the latter theory to the test with a flight each in the simulator with George Rowden. Lunch was followed by a look at typical cross country flight via See You in  the briefing room and a re-book of their Day course to a future and hopefully more flyable date.  Meanwhile Chairman Graham Evison got out the club’s big boy’s toys and took to mowing runway 24/06 before reverting to a more normal sized grass cutter to mow the grass around his caravan.  I don’t think Graham asked John Marsh’s permission to use the big mower, but then he is the Chairman!!!

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