Friday 19th to Wednesday 24th June

Friday.  A 12-18 kt W’ly produced a good hill soaring day, with a 3000′ cloud base and strong thermals, the conditions generating 13 flights of >1hr.  5 private owners took advantage of the conditions and the remaining 16 winch launches were flown in club gliders comprising both K21’s, DG1000, Astir, Discus and DG303.   Albert and Martin Newbery again topped the endurance stakes with a flight of 4.3hrs in their DG1000t, while  Malcolm Winter /J Shaw had 2.8 hrs in one of the club’s K21s and David Watisham had 2.2hrs in the club Astir. 

Saturday.  The eminently soaring conditions of Friday were replaced initially by  8  octas of low cloud and light rain showers in a   light N’ly airstream which slowly veered into the W and strenthened late in the day.   Flying started late and was restricted to 10 AT’s, including 3 by Trial lesson pupils.  Flight times were typically in the range 15-25 minutes but John Marsh/M Bennett in the K21 found some lift to record a flight time of 42 minutes. 

Sunday.  The  light W’ly remained but soaring coditions were greatly improved with the result that 32 AT’s were flown, including 11 by private owners and 7 by Trial Lesson pupils.  All the club fleet were flown with the exception of the Ka8.  Darren Clare gained a wealth of cross country experience flying with Dick Cole in the DG1000 while completing a 245 km Sut/Brn/Mas/Poc/Sut task at an average speed of 75 kph.  Bill Payton/Robin Strarup had 4.6 hrs in Bill’s DG1000t for the longest flight of the day.  Kelly and Chris Teagle “hot bedded” (if you’ll allow the expression) their LS6C with Kelly first off to fly Sut/Brn/Mas/Sut landing at 1425 , allowing husband Chris to take off at 1447 and fly a 109 kph O/R to Burn courtesy of a conveniently placed Sea Breeze front.  John Marsh meanwhile had the day’s longest flight in a club single seater at 1.7 hrs. 

Monday.  The  same light W’ly prevailed but this went into the N midday and then into the NE late on.  Conditions were not generally condusive to soaring, with flight times typically in the 15 – 25 minute range from the 7 AT’s of the day, with Andy Parish and Trial Lesson pupil M Byard, one of the two of the day,  having 30 minutes.  Those experts in defying gravity, Albert and Martin Newberry, aided by their DG1000t,  showed staying up was possible in their flight of 2.7 hrs.  Meanwhile, the members of the course week were further introduced to gliding via the simulator.

Tuesday.  The day opened with a light E’ly and a  low  overcast preventing flying but around the middle of the day a local clearence opened up tempting David Hodgson to take an AT with Alan, one of the pupils on the week’s course .  It was a decision David came to regret, for on climbing through the hole in  the  cloud the cloud rapidly closed in below them and, for good measure, it started to rain heavily.  David and Alan made it back to the site before a real downpour started, depositing some 12 mm of rain during the afternoon and putting a end to further attempts to fly. 

Wednesday.  A light E’ly initially provided scattered clouds at around 1500′ QFE but cloud base rapidly rose to around 2-2500′ QFE  and 21 AT’s were flown off runway 20, with a group from the Burn GC also bringing along a number of gliders and their tug.  Initially weak wave was present to the E of the site alowing George Rowden to give Trial Lesson pupil Ken Firth a taste of wave soaring with the longest club 2 seater flight of the day at 36 minutes.  A very nice line of Cumulus underpinning higher wave was also visible some distance to  the NNW of the site.  Most of the 7 private owners who flew all departed to the  W, although Andy Wright set off S for Thrapston, turning back at Belvoir to clock up 303 km, as progress was slow in the blue conditions south of Doncaster .  Lindsay McLane and Bill Payton separately went over the Pennines towards the Lakes with Lindsay finding wave that took him to around 6000′.   Peter Clay did an O/R to Barnard Castle in his Ventus and Phil Lazenby made a detailed examination of the tops of the ridges near Leyburn in his Sut/Ley/Garforth/Sut flight in the club DG303.  The Flying Newbery’s in their DG1000t visited Sheffield and George Rowden visited Masham, Pontefract and Harrogate before managing to get sufficient height to the SE of Dishforth for a straight in landing on 02 through the sea air that had covered Sutton.  In all, 7 flights exceeded an  hour with Lindsay McLane having 5.8 hrs in his Ventus just ahead of the Newbery’s 5.7 hrs in their DG1000t.  At 1600 hrs 16 members of  the WI near Huddersfield arrived for an evening visit. With 2 tugs and 3 two seaters operating, all the visitors managed a flight before low stratus from the North Sea advanced to cover the site stopping flying at around 1900 hrs.  The last couple of flights did manage to use the very visible low level wave cloud that formed just downwind of the site as the stratus rolled in.  The visitors then enjoyed a cooked supper courtesy of Brian and helpers before departing.