Friday 13th to Wednesday 18th February

Following the extra snowfall of Thursday 12th, the site remained snowbound into the following week although temperatures slowly rose above zero, reaching the high teens on Sunday and remaining there over the next few days. Consequently, although the subsequent thaw was relatively rapid, the site didn’t turn green untl overnight Monday. Surprisingly, the ground conditions were sufficiently good on Tuesday to allow 3 Motor Falke flights, although the take off and landing runs were carefully reconnoitered before taking to the skies.
Wednesday saw the site in cloud and drizzle all day with a very light and variable wind, so no flying was possible. The opportunity was however, taken to sort out the club’s stock of spare instrumentation, courtesy of Andy and Glyn, while Josephine kept multiple admin balls in the air including reviewing the photographs sent in for the planned “Yorkshire from the Air” quiz, a part of this years 75 years of the YGC celebrations. Contributions to this quiz are still welcomed. Mo and Desmond were also on site continuing with their painting of the doors in the entrance lobby while the Auditors were ensconced in the lounge going through the books. The painting of the member’s kitchen is complete and very smart it looks.
The DG500 is back on site from its CoA, albeit in its trailer, awaiting better weather and a few willing and knowledgeable people to allow rigging to take place, while the Astir was derigged and taken off site for its CoA.
For all those who keep a watchful eye on the readout from the club weather station, its current demise is solely due to a flat battery which will be replaced shortly. With the snow gone and the site drying out quite well, flying is set to resume as soon as the weather permits and of course all you keen glider pilots turn up.