SUTTON BLOG Friday 30th to Saturday 31st 2009.
Friday. The SE’ly flow continured into Friday even increasing a little to 15-25 kts, but the low cloud disappeared for a while allowing 2 AT’s both in the K21. Both flights lasted 19 minutes although one was off a 2000′ tow and the other off a 3000′ tow.
Saturday 31st. The wind had backed and decreased a little overnight and was now 12-20 kt, ESE’ly. 8 AT’s resulted off runway 06, the majority giving flights of 14-18 minutes although Albert Newberry/Simone Latimer had 20 minutes unsuccessfully looking for wave off a high tow. Rory O’Conor took off in his DG800 also looking for wave but could only find some weak lift to the south of Hemsley. His subsequent proposed trip to the seaside to soar Bempton Cliffs had to be abandoned due to an overheating engine. All pilots reported a strong wind gradient with wind speeds of 40-45 kts at 1500 to 2000′ QFE. Later in the day Dick Cole did a fly by in the Dishforth Chipmunk, while during the hangar packing the missing canopy cover off the DG1000 was discovered in the wing root of the K21.
A goodly number of members then assembled to listen to David Latimer’s talk on preparing for cross country flights before retiring upstairs to enjoy Brian’s splendid Burn’s Night supper orchestrated by Anne Silver.