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Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th September

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Tuesday 27th.  With the large anticyclone well established to the SE of the UK, sunny skies and a moderate S’ly were the order of a warm day, the temperature peaking at 20C.   Gliding operations were slow to get going, the private owners waiting for a sign of soarable conditions and trade for the club 2 seaters being slow to materialise.  Operations started at around 1130 hrs and thereafter continued all day, the final landing being at 1720 hrs.  Initially, staying up proved difficult, but as the day wore on, bits and pieces of lift were to be found, resulting in the first of the day’s 4 flights in excess of an hour and 7 private owners launching.  A subtle wind shift into the SW late in the afternoon allowed Rob Bailey to contact more substantial wave in his ASG29t, climbing to 6500′asl in his flight of 3:11.  The 2 K21s were the only club gliders to fly, John Carter taking one solo for a flight of 1:05 while Stuart Heaton took I Southall, one of the day’s 4 Trial lesson pupils, for a flight of 27 minutes. 

Wednesday 28th.  A shift in  the position of the anticyclone resulted in a steady and moderate SE’ly flow, take offs being from the ridge side of runway 20 to minimise the cross wind component.  The trailer area was busy as a goodly number of private owners, including the visitors from Nympsfield and one from Kirton in Lindsey, rigged in hope of a good days soaring.   A soaring day did eventually materialise, the first indication being given by Martyn Johnson and visitor R Wilkins who had 39 minutes in the K21, as a result of finding some very weak wave and then some broken thermal over the southern ridge and the gulley under the downwind leg to runway 20.  3 pilots managed to exceed the hour mark with Graham Morris having 1:36 in his ASW27b, Hywer Moss 1:18 in his LS4 and Rob Bailey 1:09 in his ASG 29t, this being primarily achieved by using broken thermal out of the aforementioned gulley and consequently oscillating between 1100′  and 2000′ QFE, a distinct inversion forming at around 2500′ QFE.     Duncan Pask also had 1:17 in the Ka8, but this was the result of him contributing 3 ATs to the day’s total of 16, his  longest flight being of 35 minutes duration.  There was a single Trial Lesson pupil on what was a very warm day at Sutton, the temperature peaking at 23C.

Sunday 25th to Monday 26th September.

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Sunday 25th.  Low cloud, drizzle/light rain in a moderate SE’ly flow greeted the day, keeping gliders, tugs and people indoors.  The clearance eventually arrived after lunch, flying commencing just before 1500 hrs, by which time many of the weekenders had gone home, so only 4 ATs were flown, all in one of the K21s, with 3 for Trial Lesson pupils, the other being flown by Katherina and Karl Zapp. One of the Trial Lesson pupils had the longest flight of the day, 30 minutes, with John Marsh in charge.  The club welcomed a  visiting group of pilots and gliders from Nympsfield.

Monday 26th.  A moderate W’ly flow and clear skies saw operations commence off runway 24, the first flight of the day, a check flight for Nympsfield visitor Brian Smyth by David Campbell, resulting in an hour in the air and a climb to 6000′ asl in blue wave.  This stirred visitors and club members into action and by the end of the day, 24 ATs had been flown, 13 by private owners, with only  the 2 club K21s flown.  Most contacted the wave, which gave generally slow climbs, but persistence meant that 10,000′ asl was exceeded by 3 pilots, visitor Graham Morris in his ASW27 B and Martyn Johnson in his DG600 getting to over 11,000′ asl, while George Rowden climbed to 10,300′ asl in his LS8t.  Most of the other pilots who contacted the wave reached at least 6000′ asl with most getting to between 8 - 10,000′ asl.  The Cu that blossomed in the morning gradually disappeared as the air dried out, leaving a few isolated bits of rotor Cu, but even these disappeared as the afternoon wore on.  Conversely, Cirrus developed widely and produced a very attractive skyscape as the sun went down.  Visitor Alison Mulder had 6 hours in her LS4, taking the opportunity to tour parts of North Yorkshire and climbing to over 9000′ asl, while YGC  members, Ian Plant and Dennis Altoft had 1:06 in the K21 and M Robinson had 1:03 solo in the K21.  2 Trial Lesson pupils were flown and 17 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour.

Friday 23rd to Saturday 24th September

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Before continuing with the everyday story of gliding folk  at the YGC, an Addenda and an Errata.  First the Addenda.  Ken Arkley has kindly provided some visuals of the BBC visit to the site on Thursday, 22ndSeptember, which are shown below.   The first shows some of  the film crew , the second shows presenter Hugh Dennis looking very relaxed in the DG1000, while the last shows that great double act soon to be seen gracing  the little screen, Albert and Hugh.






The Errata concerns my crediting of the Ka8 flight to 8000′ asl on Thursday 22nd  to Mike Smith, when of course it should have been to Mike Wood.  Apologies to the latter and condolences to the former for this senior moment.

Friday 23rd.  Friday saw the return of a light to moderate,  moist, SW’ly airstream with its accompanying low cloud and bits and pieces of drizzle, these conditions delaying flying until late morning.  Conditions then brightened considerably providing some good wave soaring conditions by the middle of the  afternoon which were made full use of by 3 members of the visiting group from the Straford GC, the Kerby’s and Mr Monslow, who each took their respective gliders to between 8-10,000′ asl in flights of up to 2:48.  The late start and intially poor conditions meant only 9 ATs were flown, 3 for the aforementioned private owners and 4 for Trial Lesson pupils, most of whom had their flights before the wave conditions became established, although David Hill took the last of them, J Acton, for a flight of 42 minutes in  one of the K21s. 

Saturday 24th.  A light to moderate S’ly flow saw operations commence off runway 20 around 1030 hrs under overcast skies, with a visiting group of Scouts from Doncaster, the first of the day’s 7 Trial Lessons and 2 Day course pupils leading the way.  A lowering cloud base and light rain around lunch time caused a cessation of activities, but the interruption was temporary, drier conditions and the absence of low cloud allowing flying to recommence early afternoon.  Thereafter, flying continued uninterupted with a total of 29 ATs being flown, bits and pieces of lift over the southern ridge and intermittent weak wave providing some incentives for club members and 3 private owners to fly.  Steve Ball and Jon May took off before conditions worsened in their Duo Discus xlt and, finding their return to Sutton blocked by the low cloud and rain, used their engine to fly down to Pocklington where they landed.  Then, realising that Steve’s house was closer than the Pocklington club house, went home for a cup of tea, this allowing Jon to to make full use of Steve’s culinary hospitality.  A subsequent AT, some weak wave and a little bit of help from the engine saw them return safely to Sutton.   Meanwhile, back at Sutton, Graham Morris had  the longest flight of the day, 50 minutes in his ASW27B, courtesy of areas of weak lift, and George Rowden took, Cambell, a 13 year old Trial Lesson pupil for a 36 minute flight in the K21, slowly climbing 500′  to just under 4000′ asl in front of a transient wave cloud that appeared as they AT’d to release height and then, just as mysteriously, disappeared.

Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd September

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Tuesday 20th.  The forecast was for a front lying to the south of Sutton to move further south, bringing  in clearer skies and the prospect of wave.  Indeed, at briefing, clear skies and lenticulars could be seen to the north.  However, the front had its own ideas and its northern edge slowly moved north, bringing low cloud and rain to the site and preventing any flying.

Wednesday 21st.  A moderate to fresh SSW’ly airstream initially brought sunny intervals but cloud cover increased as a cold front approached from the NW.  Flying was limited as the wind increased to strong, with gusts to 40 kts, and only  4 ATs were flown, 3 in the K21, of which 2 were with Trial Lesson pupils and a single private owner launch by Martyn Johnson in his DG600.    Martyn stayed aloft for 3:17 finding some weak wave that  eventually took him to around 4500′ asl, while visitors Barry Kerby and J Boddington from the Stratford GC had 49 minutes in the K21 on the hill.  The cold front arrived around 6 pm depositing 7 mm of rain in a very short time.

Thursday 22nd.  A moderate to fresh W’ly provided a good day’s soaring with hill lift, thermals and wave to tempt the aviators.  As well as the visitors from the Stratford GC and YGC members, the club hosted a film crew from the BBC engaged in the production of a new BBC series on the geology of the UK and how it has affected the way people live.  With the DG1000 equipped with a number of external and internal cameras courtesy of Ken Arkley, ace pilot and budding TV star Albert Newbery took presenter and comedian Hugh Dennis for a 52 minute flight  and then the BBC  camera man for a 20 minute flight, while at the end of  the day Ian Plant and Les Rayment provided some low level passes along the ridge in the DG1000 for the benefit of the cameras.  While all this was going on, there were 23 other winch launches, 14 by  private owners and the balance in the club’s K21s and Ka8.  Hill soaring conditions remained good all day and this lift was supplemented by some very strong but rough thermals in spite of  the day’s thin  high cover , cloudbase eventually rising to around 4000′ asl.  Most pilots found some wave, although this was generally weak and limited in height to around 3500 -4500′ asl, but Mike Smith in the Ka8 showed what was possible by climbing to 8000′ asl in a flight of 2:13 late morning, this only being bettered by Martyn Johnson in his DG600 who climbed to 9000′ asl later in the day, having found a relative hot spot haflway to Linton on Ouse.  George Rowden had 4:11 in his LS8t, one of 17 pilots to have over an hour in the air, while late in the day, Chris Thirkell had 1:31 solo in the K21.

Thursday 15th to Monday 19th September

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Thursday 15th.  A light SSE’ly that slowly backed into the E was accompanied by a high, but thin overcast that didn’t prevent the formation of Cu, giving a good thermal soaring day.  31 ATs were flown off runway 20, 9 by private owners and the balance by the club total fleet with the exception of Astir KRN.  16 of the launches generated flights of over an hour with Lindsay McLane having 5 hrs in his Ventus ct and John Ellis 4:30 in his Nimbus 3t in which he covered around 300 km of Yorkshire .  However, the only pilot to post a flight on the National Ladder was Sue Aherne, who flew the local 100 km triangle, Sut/Ruf/Poc/Sut in the club DG303, sharing a thermal with 2 Buzzards at one point.  Peter Guest had 3:06 in the club Astir EBM and Ian Plant took course member E Lawrenson for a flight of 1:44 in the K21.    A single Trial Lesson pupil experienced the joy of beating gravity for a little while.

Friday 16th.  A moderate SE’ly brought cloudy skies with a low cloudbase that prevented any flying.  A series of heavy showers during the afternoon preceeded an early evening thunderstorm that deposited 6 mm of rain.

Saturday 17th.  With low pressure in close attendance, the start of flying was delayed until 1230 hrs by a series of showers, but thereafter, 13 ATs were flown in 3 of the club’s 2 seaters and by a single private owner as shower activity decreased and those that remained  missed the site.  Rob Bailey and Colin Troise shared a flight in the DG1000, each contributing 40 minutes in the only flight of the day to exceed an hour, while Mr Monslow, a visitor from the Stratford GC, had 44 minutes in his ASW 20.   A Day course member and a Trial Lesson pupil both managed to get into the air.

Sunday 18th.  A light to moderate NNW’ly flow brought a bright and sunny morning but cloud development was rapid and although flying got under way around 1030 hrs  it came to a halt just before 1600hrs as a big, slow moving shower developed near the site.  12 ATs were flown utilising the club’s K21, this including 5 Trial Lesson pupils, while Stratford GC visitor Barry Kerby, flying his LS8t, was the only private owner to launch, managing 50 minutes before rain caused a return to Sutton.  No one else managed over 30 minutes,  with Rob Bottomley giving his Trial Lesson pupil P Cockrane, 25 minutes in the K21 to be the best of the rest.  The undoubted highlight of the day was the immaculate log sheet produced by Ian Johnston which could put him in the running for the Chairman’s cup, awarded annually to the member who has made a significant contribution to the club.  Ian was so proud of his efforts he signed the sheet. 

Monday 19th.  A strengthening wind that started in the W and backed into the SW, initially brought blue skies and Cu, but cloud amounts soon increased as a front approached, thermal lift being replaced by hill and wave.  14 ATs were flown before rain associated with the front reached the site just before 1500 hrs, 7 private owners and the club’s K21s, contributing to the launch total.  A number of pilots, including those visiting from Stratford GC, contacted the wave, with climbs to 4-6000′ asl being recorded, but the increasing cloud and accompanying closure of wave slots meant abandonment of climbs and a return to Sutton.  Martyn Johnson flying his DG600 climbed to around 6000′ asl and visited Wetherby, but had a cloudy and wet return to Sutton in his flight of 2:54, one of 6 to exceed an hour.  2 Trial Lesson pupils were flown, with one, Andrew Pern having  the longest 2 seater flight of the day, 33 minutes with David Hill in the K21.    Mark Robinson flew the K21 for 25 minutes to record the only solo flight of the day in a club  glider.

Sunday 11th to Wednesday 14th September.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Sunday 11th.  The wind had returned to the SW and shortly after the start of flying increased to fresh/strong with gusts to over 30 knots.  Consequently, only 1 AT was flown, that by Jon May and Steve Ball in their Duo Discus t, this lasting 1:39.  Thereafter, the only flying was on the simulator where a group of visiting Scouts had their first taste of gliding.  The excavation work in preparation for the new drains/apron in front of the hangars meant that access to the hangars was limited so a number of the club gliders were derigged and put in their securely tied down trailers in anticipation of a stormy few days ahead.

Monday 12th.  Ex Hurricane Katia brought strong W’lys, with the average wind speed in the range 27-37 kts and gusts to 55kts, resulting in patches of poor visibility in the Vale of York due to blowing dust/soil.  Needless to say, there was no flying except on the simulator where members of the course, Barry, Mark, Elizabeth and Resh, were either introduced to gliding or brushed up their skills.

Tuesday 13th.  The W’ly wind remained fresh to strong, average wind speeds only falling to 19-30 kts and gusts to 40 kts compared to Monday.   In addition, heavy showers, deposited 2.5 mm of rain.  Consequently, there was no flying.

Wednesday 14th.  The wind had dropped to a light W’ly so the course members and visitors from Shennington GC as well as club members were able to get into the air.  18 ATs were flown before the increasing wind strength caused a change to winching, a further 7 launches being undertaken.  The day proved to be a good soaring one, with a mixture of hill lift, strong thermals, streeting as the W’ly wind increased to fresh and some wave, although the latter proved difficult to use.  15 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour with George Rowden having 3:47 in his LS8t during which he sampled all the available types of lift and eventually climbed to 6900′ asl over Thirsk.  Photos from this flight are shown below.   Messrs Cook and Ingram, visiting from the Shennington GC with their Duo Discus, toured a fair bit of Yorkshire  from their AT and then sampled the hill lift from a later winch launch, having a 2:12 flight from the former and a 1:00 flight from the latter.  The course members were able to enjoy some gliding at last as did 3 Trial Lesson pupils.  The club’s K21s, DG1000 and DG500 were flown and there were 9 private owner launches with Matt Woodhouse having the last flight of the day,1:05,  hill soaring in his Open Cirrus while David Hill/Duncan Pask in the DG500  had 1:42 on the hill also off a winch launch.  David also had the longest club 2 seater flight off an AT, with 1:12 in the DG1000 in the  company of Ken Duxbury.  The freshening of the wind in the late afternoon provided some turbulent approaches to runway 24.

Thirsk below centre

Thirsk below centre

Sutton from ~ 7000' asl

Sutton from ~ 7000' asl

Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th September.

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Tuesday 6th.  A strong SW’ly flow with gusts to 45 kts and  frequent showers kept the gliders in the hangar and the members in  the clubhouse.

Wednesday 7th.  The strong SW’ly had abated slightly and become more W’ly, allowing winching off runway 24.  14 winch launches were flown, all in club gliders, with both K21s, the DG1000, DG500, Discus, DG303 and one of the Astirs utilised.  6 of the flights exceeded an hour with David Campbell having 2 hrs in the Discus and Chris Burrows 2:21 in the DG303, while Robin Hutchinson/Fred Brown kept up with the single seaters with 2:06 in the DG500.

Thursday 8th.  The wind had returned to the SW and weakened slightly but no flying was possible due to general rain followed by frequent showers.  The clearance arrived too late to allow any flying.

Friday 9th.  A passing front delayed flying until 1430 hrs but then it was all systems go in a light to moderate SW’ly that gave very good wave conditions, with 9 of the 13 ATs producing flights of over an hour and 7 of the flights getting to 9,000′ asl or above.  6 private owners took advantage of the conditions with Jesper Mjels taking his Pik 20 to 14,000′ asl, Derek Smith covering 231 km in his Ventus 2ct  and climbing to just under 12,000′ asl, with turn points at Selset Reservoir, Wetherby South and Northallerton and Don Austin doing an O/R to Hexham in his Kestrel.  Peter Clay visited Barnard Castle and  Pontefract in his Ventus 2ct while Chris Burroughs, visiting from the Stratford GC, took the YGC DG303 up to 10,500′ asl and Ken Arkley/Sue Aherne shared a flight in the K21 to 10,000′ asl.   Diane’s very first wave flight saw her climb to 9,000′ asl under the tutelage of Les Rayment, an experience she couldn’t stop talking about for a couple of days (the wave flight, not the tutelage, even though I am sure that was also very good Les).  The 3 Trial Lesson  pupils each had flights of 30-35 minutes including   climbs to between 4,500′ and 6.000′ asl.   As Derek Smith remarked, it was the sort of wave day he and many others had been pining for.

Saturday 10th.  A drizzly SE’ly delayed flying until 1440  hrs by which time the wind had veered into the south and increased to moderate accompanied by showers.  These led to flying being terminated after  3 ATs, one by Lindsay McLane in his Ventus 2ct and 2 in the club K21 for Trial Lesson pupils who each had 30-35 minutes.

Monday 5th September

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Monday 5th.  A moderate S’ly and low cloud greeted members at briefing but a wind shift to W’ly occurred soon after, the average wind speed slowly increasing throughout the day to fresh.  Cloudbase slowly improved but a succession of generally light showers kept the hangar doors closed with most of the members on site waiting for a promised drier slot to appear, but it didn’t .  Note most members, but not all, as Martyn Johnson rigged his DG600, took a winch launch early afternoon and flew in and around the light showers for 1:40 on the ridge before landing back on runway 24.   The area in front of the hangars now sports a succession of blue lines indicating the location of the new drains and concrete apron with work expected to start this week.

Wednesday 31st August to Sunday 4th September

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Wednesday 31st.  A light and mainly W’ly  airstream was accompanied by cloudy skies, the medium level overcast persisting all day but thinning sufficiently to a provide a couple of hours of weak thermal soaring in the afternoon.  This was well exploited by the visiting Slingsby Week pilots and club members with 15 of the 44 ATs of the day generating flights in excess of an hour.  Most of the club fleet were flown and there were 21 private owner launches off runway 20, the day’s flights including 6 Trial Lesson pupils who appreciated the benign flying conditions.  Visitors Mr W Cook had 2:04 in his K6E and Mr D Cornelius/Mr A Garfield 1:17 in their privately owned K21,  the last thermal of the afternoon being  filled with 8 gliders drifting slowly off to the east.  Club members Sue Aherne/Chris Thirkell shared a flight of 1:02 in the DG1000 and Chris Gill had 1:14 in the club Discus, while there was a single flight in the Rotax Falke.

Thursday 1st September.  Brighter skies in a light mainly SE’ly flow saw 38 ATs off runway 20, 18 of which gave flights exceeding an hour.  Club flying was limited to the K21, DG1000, Astir and Ka8 but club members and the Slingsby week visitors contributed 29 private owner flights, Andy Darlington in his Cirrus and Peter Clay in his Ventus vying for the longest flight of the day with 3:16 and 3:17 respectively.  Visitors L & J Merritt had 2:13 aloft in their K13 while Phil Lazenby had 1:18 in the club Ka8 and David Hill/Mr Bamforth, 43 minutes in the K21.  A single Falke flight and 4 Trial Lesson pupils added to the day’s activities. 

Friday 2nd September.  A initially light SE veered into the SW and strengthened as the day progressed allowing a change from ATing to winching in mid afternoon.  18 ATs and 5 winch launches were flown, the ATs providing 5 flights exceeding an hour and the winch 4.    ATing generated the longest flight of the day, with A Wilson having 3:25 but winching provided the longest 2 seater flight of the day when visitors L & J Merritt stayed aloft for 2:09 in their K13.  Bob Calvert/Denise Grimshaw had 1:50 off an AT in the club DG1000 while Howard Marshall had 1:27 in his Ka6 off the winch and Phil Lazenby 1:15 in the club Ka8.  Alan Dowd managed to add to his solo flights with one in the K21 off an AT and there were 3 Rotax Falke flights.  4 Trial Lesson pupils were also flown.   A group of members took a K21 down to RAF Linton on Ouse as part of their open day display and to publicise gliding and our links with the station there.

Saturday 3rd.  A light to moderate S’ly that slowly veered into  the SW was accompanied by cloudy skies that lowered and thickened as the day progressed with a light shower in the area towards the middle of the day.  The poor soaring prospects limited flying to 11 ATs with only the club 2 seaters flown, these accommodating 3 Trial Lesson pupils, while 3 private owner launches were limited to 3.  Visitor Mr B Longstaff had 42 minutes in his Dart but club members Fred Brown and Colin Troise shared a flight in the DG1000 and off a high tow contacted wave that took them to 6500′ asl in the only flight of the day to exceed and hour, 1:58 being their flight time.  A single Falke flight completed the day’s flying activities.   A new Junior member was welcomed to the club, particuarly by Vicky.

Sunday 4th.   A very light but mainly WSW’ly flow saw the morning’s bright conditions slowly deteriorate as the day progressed, the onset of rain early afternoon stopping flying for the day, the subsequent clearance arriving early evening.   10 ATs were flown before the rain arrived with only the 2 K21s, the DG1000 and the DG303 being flown, 2 of the flights being for Trial Lesson pupils.  On one of these Robin Hutchinson took Ben Moran for the longest flight of the day, (not counting the single Falke flight) 24 minutes in the K21 while on the only solo flight of the day Katrina Zapp could only manage 12 minutes in the DG303.

Monday 22nd to Tuesday 30th August

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Monday 22nd.  A light and variable but mainly W’ly airstream brought good soaring conditions, but extensive top cover in the middle of the country caused some declared 500 km flights to be abandoned.  32 ATs were flown, 21 by private owners and the balance by the club’s K21s, DG 1000, Discus and DG303 with 21 flights exceeding an hour and 16 exceeding 3 hours.  Derek Taylor in his ASW22BL and John Ellis in his Nimbus 3t both declared 500 km tasks but both were frustrated by extensive top cover south of Grantham , John turning Grantham to record a 305 km O/R and Derek covering 557 km in a flight that involved turning Belvoir/Pickering/Gainsborough and Catterick.  Those pilots staying north of the top cover enjoyed good conditions with Chris Teagle flying a 300 km task in his LS6c, Steve Ball 217 km in his LS8 and Richie Toon 298 km at an average speed of 89.9 kph in his LS7 , utilising a sea breeze front extending from Lincolnshire into Yorkshire.  Phil Lazenby meanwhile flew his DG1000t 333 km solo,  but complained he had to prepare his own sandwiches.  Sam St Pierre, flying his DG200, showed the club’s younger pilots (that includes most if not all of the flying members) how to fly speed tasks by completing a 113 km FAI triangle at a handicapped speed of 94 kph.  Derek Taylor’s 6:56 in the air was the longest flight of the day, with Sue Aherne’s 2:46 in the Discus clocking up the longest flight in a club glider while Jack McGregor/A Lucas had 1:22 in the club K21.  Among all this activity, there were 4 Trial Lesson flights,  a single flight in the Rotax Falke and an aerotow retrieve for a visitor from Pocklington.

Tuesday 23rd.  A cool and cloudy NNE’ly airstream brought in some showers mid afternoon, restricting flying to 7 ATs, all in the club’s K21s, one of these being a solo flight by Chris Thirkell.  Soaring opportunities were nil and even a tow to 3000′ QFE  couldn’t get flight times over 20 minutes for the 2 Trial Lesson pupils of the day. 

Wednesday 24th.  A initial SE’ly airstream soon veered into the SW, bringing a brief soaring window  and showers towards the end of  the flying day.  21 ATs were flown, 7 by private owners and the balance in the club’s K21s, DG1000, Discus and Astir while the Rotax Falke had 2 flights and there were 4 Trial Lesson pupils.  9 of the flights exceeded an hour with Chris Garton in his Ventus completing an O/R to Camphill  in 3:20 and Andy Wright in his Nimus 3t, completing a 141 km task turning Bridlington and Fridaythorpe, but having to resort to hill soaring the southern edge of the NY Moors to get back to Sutton.  Albert Newbery/Stuart Heaton had 2:45 in their DG1000t while Sue Aherne had 2:07 in the club Discus and Bob Beck/Perry Reid 1:20 in the club DG1000.  The deteriorating conditions led to Martyn Johnson landing out in his DG600.

Thursday 25th  A light WSW’ly brought in a low overcast, delaying launching until the early afternoon when the skies brightened and soaring was possible.  11 ATs were flown, predominately in club gliders with only 2 private owners launching.  Chris Garton, taking the first launch of the day in his Ventus, stayed up for 3:50, one of the 2 flights of the day to exceed an hour.  Staying up was not easy, as Jack McGregor found out when taking the first of the day’s 4 Trial Lesson pupils up for his first glider flight, being back on  the ground after 9 minutes from a 2000′ tow.  A second attempt with the same Trial Lesson pupil was more successful with Jack and Jeff having the longest 2 seater flight of the day, 47 minutes of an 1800′ tow.  In the only other flight to exceed an hour, Ian Plant/A Lucas had 2 hrs in the DG1000 while Tor Taverner’s 2 attempts to soar the DG303 accumulated a total of 49 minutes in the air.   In the evening, Jack and Fred Brown gave introductory flights to a group of 6 visitors, flying being completed just after 1900 hrs.

Friday 26th.  A dull and wet day meant no flying except a single flight in the Rotax Falke that took advantage of a brief spell  of brighter weather. 

Saturday 27th.  The day dawned with a light NNW’ly and flyable conditions but an approaching front brought rain by lunch time as the wind backed into the SW.  Prior to the rain arriving 6 ATs were flown in the club’s K21s and DG500, including 3 Trial Lesson pupils.  Bob Calvert was the only private owner to fly, managing the longest flight of the day, 42 minutes in his Discus off the last flight of the day, while Fred Brown took one of his Trial Lesson pupils for a 23 minute flight in the K21.

Sunday 28th.  A fresh to strong W’ly saw the winch deployed and John Marsh off in the DG303 at 09:25 to take advantage of the cheaper launch fees pre 1000 hrs.  A further 34 launches followed, with the last glider landing at 1745  hrs.  Virtually all the club fleet were flown and15 private owners added their names to the launch log, with Jesper Mjels spending 5:56 aloft in his Pic 20, one of 22 pilots to exceed an hour in the air.  As well as hill lift, wave was also to be utilised, and at least 3 pilots contacted, Martyn Johnson taking his DG600 to 8,725′ asl, Chris Teagle climbing to 7,542′ asl in his LS6c andDick Cole flying with Slingsby week visitor Angela Veitch, reaching 7,000′ asl in the K21 and also having the longest club 2 seater flight of the day at 1:35.    D Cornelius/Alan Garforth, also visitors for Slingsby week at Sutton, kept their K21 airborne for 5:25 while Eric Preston topped the club single seater stakes with 2:17 in the DG303.  Two Trial lesson pupils chose a good day for their first glider flights as there was no difficulty in giving them each 30+ minutes in the air. 

Monday 29th.  A fresh NW with its accompanying turbulence on takeoff kept the gliders in the hangar, but a wind shift into the W and a reduction in  speed allowed ATing to commence mid afternoon, with 6 launches the result, 3 of them for Trial Lesson pupils.  Bob Calvert was the only private owner to launch and had 2:45 aloft in his Discus, while one of the club’s K21s contributed the remaining launches, flight times averaging around 25-30 minutes under generally overcast skies.

Tuesday 30th.  A light to moderate W’ly and a continuation of the overcast skies, saw a mixture of 4 winch launches and 6 ATs flown with the Slingsby week visitors contributing most of the launches.  4 of the day’s flights exceeded an hour with Bob Calvert having 1:50 in his Discus and Mike Wood spending just over an hour in a visiting Slingsby Dart.  Two seater flying was confined to 3 Trial Lesson pupils and flying was terminated mid afternoon by the arrival of rain.