The Northern Regional Gliding Competition

DG1000 DS2
DG1000 DS2
The airfield and the White Horse of Kilburn


The Northern Regional Gliding Competition  

12th -18th June 2016


The Original and the Best


The 2016 Northerns will be a SEVEN day competition. We decided to do this as we know many pilots have pressures on their time, and travelling late on a Friday in rush-hour traffic to start a competition on Saturday can be difficult, especially if you have a long way to travel! So this year's competition will begin on Sunday and end on the following Saturday. The end-of-comp party will be held on the Saturday night, so everyone can enjoy themselves without having to worry about flying the next day.

We're also limiting the entry this year to strictly 35 gliders.


We will also be offering a retrieve for pilots who cannot find a crew. We are hoping that some of the comp pilots will join in this scheme, but we already have some club members who have volunteered to be on standby.


We are going to try and set Enterprise-type tasks on days that are not suitable for BGA competition-style tasks with a held start. Of course these tasks will not count towards the overall result of the rated competition but will hopefully increase the amount of flying and enjoyment that you get out of the week. For the rated days we will be using distance handicapped tasks which will make it much easier to set a task that stretches pilots flying a wide variety of glider types.

Entry fee just £100 if you enter before Christmas 2015.

(Entry fee of £130 afterwards)

Come and join us for some of the best flying in the North, at a friendly and welcoming club!

The current list of entries is here.


FREE places for Juniors!

We're offering a free place in the Northerns to 3 Junior pilots! The free places will also include 3 free aerotows.

Any Junior pilot who is interested should send their name and contact details marked 'Northerns Juniors' to Turntighter@gmail.com before 25/12/15. If the places are oversubscribed the sucessful candidates will be choosen by ballot, and the winners informed by 1/1/16. Good luck!