The Yorkshire Gliding Club

The airfield and the White Horse of Kilburn
The ridge to the North
The Clubhouse
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Pawnee G-BFRY
ASK21 on the winch
A member's ASW19B
Ventus 2 B6

Junior Gliding

The YGC is pleased to announce that it became an official Junior Gliding Centre in 2010!
This means that we can offer gliding tuition at massively reduced costs to people under 21 who are in full-time education!
We also have experienced instructors on-site who will guide you through learning to glide, to an approved syllabus.
Learning to glide has never been easier, or cheaper!


Can I afford it?

This is one of the things that seems to worry young pilots most. I know that it worried me a lot when I was a student (not so long ago!)
However, we're now offering half-price flying in club two-seaters to all students who are YGC annual members, under 21, and in full-time education. AND if you're solo, you can also fly the K8 for free!


Grants and bursaries

Inevitably there are still some other costs associated with your flying, and these include:

  • » Paying your annual membership: £50 for the whole year
  • » Paying for your launch. By aerotow, this is £25 to 2000 feet. By winch, this is £8.00 to 600 feet-ish.
  • » Travelling to/from the club (members living locally may be able to help with this if you ask)
  • » Staying at the club. We have bunk rooms, and room to pitch lots of tents. Bunk rooms are £11 per night, a tent pitch costs £5.50 per night.
  • » Food and drink while you're here. There's a club kitchen if you want to cook for yourself, or a cafe open during the day upstairs.

However, there are lots of grants, bursaries and flying scholarships available for young pilots. More information on these can be found on the Junior Gliding website.

There's also a Juniors Group on Facebook and a UK Juniors Blog so go join them!