The Yorkshire Gliding Club

A lady on a one-day course
LS4 and LS6
Pawnee in the snow
The airfield and the White Horse of Kilburn
DG1000 DS2
A member's ASW19B
ASK21 on the winch
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The Clubhouse
A member's ASW19B
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Pawnee G-BFRY
A lady on a one-day course
LS4 and LS6
Pawnee in the snow


The best way to discover the delights and challenges of gliding at Sutton Bank is to spend time with us on one of our five-day courses. Alternatively join us for a one-day course when you can take the opportunity to sample the sport in more details.
Our dedicated staff and a fleet of modern gliders and tug aircraft await you.

Five day Gliding Holidays

These are available between May and September, and run from Monday morning through to Friday afternoon.
During your time with us we aim to cover a wide range of gliding activity which, dependent on weather conditions, might include:
  • Demonstration of and tuition in the fundementals of gliding
  • Launches by winch and aerotow
  • Hill and thermal soaring
  • A short cross-country flight
  • An introduction to basic aerobatics
Flying Tuition

You will fly in our modern fleet of two-seater gliders, with instruction from our professional staff or one of our qualified club members.
In addition, the club also operates a self-launching motor glider which may be used if there are weather or operational constraints on the use of gliders. This is, in effect, a light aeroplane which, having gained the required height, can be used as a glider by idling or switching off the engine.

The course and beyond

The number of students on a course is restricted to just four in order to maximise the flying opportunities of each student.
By the end of the week you will have experienced much of the fascination of gliding and may understand why so many pilots believe that gliding presents the purest and most rewarding form of flight. If you would like to continue towards going solo and beyond we will advise on how this can be achieved, and we will be pleased to welcome you into full membership.
  • The cost of your holiday includes three months' membership of the Club so that you may return to Sutton Bank and fly as a member during that time.
  • If you choose to become a full Club member during the course, you'll receive a massive 50% discount on the annual membership fee.
Accommodation and Catering

Accommodation is available on site, and consists of simple bedrooms with washing facilities. Showers are available but are not en-suite.
The cost of accommodation for 5 nights is £55. Sheets etc. are another £7.
Meals are also available in the club's restaurant with a traditional cooked breakfast, light lunch and a hearty meal at the end of the day.
Vegetarians are welcome and any other dietary requests will be catered to.
The licensed bar opens in the evening, after flying has finished and all of the gliders are safely packed in the hangar.

Tailored courses

Like the majority of our visitors you may be trying gliding for the first time. However, if you have flown gliders before and wish to renew or build on your skills we are more than happy to tailor your week's flying to achieve this. Please let us know about this at the time of booking.


The cost is £185 + accommodation and meals (charged separately), including 3 months' temporary membership of the YGC.  Additionally, flights and launches are charged at club rates. This cost varies depending on how much you fly which in turn can be influenced by weather conditions during the week. On average allow around £400. Alternatively, you can choose to include 15 flights upfront for a fee of £620, also including course fee and 3 months temporary membership. This is a good deal if you want intensive training.
Note: Costs may be subject to change without notice

One-day Courses

The Courses are designed for people interested in joining our club and taking up the great sport of gliding.

The cost is £185* and includes:-
  • A morning briefing covering the basics of flight
  • Guaranteed 3 flights (or over an hours total soaring in two flights)
  • Priority access to an ASK21 two-seat glider
  • Pupil : Instructor Ratio of 2:1
  • Debriefing at the end of the day
  • 3 Months' membership of Yorkshire Gliding Club (from the date of the first flight)
  • Your own Pilot's Log Book, to keep
  • A Student Record Card, to keep
  • If you choose to become a full Club member on the day, you'll receive a massive 50% discount on the annual membership fee.
* Unfortunately no refunds can be given, however flying not completed can be rearranged.

One-day course dates in 2015:-

Five-day gliding holiday dates in 2016:-

  • 9-13 May (Aim Higher course)
  • 2-6 May - Course 1
  • 20-24 June - Course 2
  • 4-8 July - Course 3
  • 15-19 August - Course 4
  • 12-16 September - Course 5
  • 19-23 September - Course 6

Click here to download a five-day gliding holiday application form